Why working with more than a parcel delivery supplier can benefit your fulfilment needs

10 October, 2017

Delivery driver in van with a parcel.

Fulfilment plays an essential role in providing great customer service. Get that right and you’ll score top points with everyone who buys from you. For many operations the choice is either to consolidate all parcel delivery needs with a single supplier or to opt for a wider variety of interchangeable partners who together support the logistics side of your business. Although there is a lot to be said for a ‘one stop shop’ single parcel delivery partner, sometimes the best option is to shop around.

Actually, there’s no such thing as the perfect ‘one stop shop’

It’s rare to find a parcel delivery supplier that’s ideally suited to the exact needs of your e-commerce business and so compromises are often necessary if you’re looking to consolidate parcel fulfilment. Working with a broader range of providers can result in a combination that adds up to exactly the service that you’re looking for, rather than settling for something that’s close to.

For example, if you have a customer base in the UK and overseas, you’re likely to benefit from working with a UK parcel specialist and an international parcel specialist.

Single suppliers might be outsourcing anyway

If you use a third party fulfilment service then you will find that the single supplier you were hoping to consolidate your parcel delivery needs with is outsourcing themselves. Most fulfilment service providers aren’t part of a global delivery business. Rather than relying on your fulfilment services provider to manage those delivery companies you don’t have contact with, using a variety of suppliers directly gives you the chance to build relationships and control.

A variety of suppliers can be more cost effective

The more moving parts you have the more opportunities there are to make savings. When all elements of fulfilment are bundled together it’s often difficult to evaluate what they actually cost and whether you’re getting real value for money. Suppliers handling different stages of fulfilment tend to take a more competitive approach and are often more able to deliver value. Plus, if you’re using multiple suppliers for one element of fulfilment, providers will compete to provide the best cost based service.

Different suppliers bring different benefits

Parcel exporting should not be a complex process but it’s difficult to find a single supplier able to make every single situation simple. Often, there are more benefits to working with multiple suppliers who each bring their own experience and expertise to your business. Specialist companies, such as Asendia, for example are experts at delivery in Switzerland and France and can offer far great depth of expertise – which translates into higher quality service – than a provider without that specialism.

Of course a delivery company is only going to offer good rates if you have reasonable volumes, so working with multiple international parcel companies won’t be achievable for smaller etailers. But for a those with good volume to specific destinations, it can be a cost saving approach.

Avoiding inflexibility

Working with a single supplier can reduce the degree of flexibility that is offered to your business. This is fact of life for a smaller etailer who doesn’t have the buying power that volume affords. But for larger etailers partnering with a selection of delivery providers can help retain more engaged relationships where the needs of your business are always acknowledged and catered for.

Of course if it is only possible to work with one delivery partner, due to the size of your business, then you can still benefit from shopping around to ensure that your delivery partner can offer competitive rates to the destinations most important to you. At the very least it’s likely you’ll benefit from working with a UK specialist (possibly Royal Mail plus another for tracked services) and an international parcel specialist.


Asendia specialises in international parcel services for businesses; delivering to consumers worldwide. You can take advantage of four services: Standard Goods(packet postal services), Country-tracked Goods, Tracked Goods and Premium Goods(tracked parcel services). We have extra options for some services too: Mailbox Delivery, Personal Delivery (with signature), and PUDO Delivery. We also offer free shipping and tracking platforms.

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