Mailing Fulfilment Services

Our ISO-certified mailing house near Southampton can fulfil your mailings so they are optimised to minimise postage costs and maximise open rates and response rates.

We really know post - La Poste and Swiss Post are our parent companies!

So we are best placed to produce your mailings so they are optimised to the requirements of Royal Mail and alternative final mile postal operators in the UK and around the world; saving you money and time.

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What can we do for you?

Whether you're sending marketing mail, business mail, or publications, we have the fulfilment and postal solutions you need!

What's more, we aim to make the mailing fulfilment process as hassle-free as possible, working to ISO-certified processes so you can be assured of a quality service, and providing you with a dedicated Account Manager who will support you all the way.

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Address cleaning

Successful mailings begin with quality mailing lists.

Asendia offers a host of international and domestic data processing services to help our customers maintain the quality of their mailing lists, reducing waste and costs, and improving delivery times and response rates.




Quality personalisation and print management.

Whether you’re mailing direct mail, business mail, or publications, you need your addressing and messaging to be clear and formatted appropriately for the postal system. Asendia provides you with both laser printing and inkjet personalisation options. Our pre-press services can set up both simple mail merges or complex requirements using data and images from your database.

Additionally we get trade rates for digital printing and litho printing, so why not see if our print management service could help you save money.




Some very well-known publications are polywrapped and mailed by Asendia.

With high-speed Sitma packaging systems, we can polywrap almost any mailing, from large catalogue runs to niche magazines. Jobs range from 500 magazines to 500,000 catalogues.

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Envelope inserting, tabbing, and labeling

High speed mechanised mail fulfilment and flexible handwork

Our envelope inserting service includes low-cost high-speed options for direct mail or business mailings. We also have a team of hand-workers for mailings that cannot be automated.

We offer high-speed folding, labeling, and tabbing services too.

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Hand packing

Not every mailing can be automated, especially if you have something really creative in mind.

That's why we have a team of handworkers who can quickly fulfill all manner of mailings. Over the years we've handled lots of mailings that are unusually shaped, are going in a carton or jiffy bag, or need hand finishing.

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We really know post! Our parent companies are La Poste and Swiss Post, and we work very closely with Royal Mail and other domestic postal partners in 200 countries.

We will process your mailing lists and sort your mail to maximise postage discounts, whether using our postal solution or your own account with Royal Mail etc.

Once ready, your UK mail is collected, and international mail is exported from our distribution centre at Heathrow, imported into each country and handed over to the local postal service for final mail delivery.



How could you benefit?

Asendia gives you peace of mind that your mailings will run to schedule and budget, providing deeply discounted postage and help you meet your environmental goals.



Save money

Cut costs with efficient integrated mailing fulfillment and postal services

Our mailing house can prepare your mailing perfectly to be directly injected into the UK postal system or the global postal networks of La Poste and Swiss Post, to maximise postage savings. You could also benefit from efficiencies from having one supplier handle your data, printing, fulfillment, and postage.



Save time

Spend less time managing multiple suppliers and let us take care of it all

Time is precious, and our one-stop-shop solution can save you valuable hours. What's more, if we are handling your fulfillment and postage, it's down to us to ensure materials are ready and suitable for our machines, and that the mail is prepared perfectly for our postal network.


Improve your results

From 'local look' direct mail to Priority services for publications, we can help you get the most from your mailings

If your mailing is prepared correctly and arrives in great condition, it will help minimise delivery delays and maximise open rates. This is what we aim to achieve for you, so you get the best results from your mailings to maximise sales or keep your readers happy.


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'Environmentally friendly' mail fulfilment

If you're keen to minimise your impact on the environment you'll be pleased to know we are ISO 14001 certified, we have a partnership with the Woodland Trust and an impressive sustainability strategy.

Our green credentials


Photos of our UK mailing house

Our mailing house in Southampton is an ISO 9001 and 14001 certified facility with the capabilities you need to fulfil, sort and prepare your mailings for collection by UK and international postal providers. We encourage you to come and see it for yourself so we can show you our machinery and processes and introduce you to our people.


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