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Our Technology

Our technology helps you provide an international delivery experience that delights your customers and saves you time and money.

We aim to make your experience - and your shoppers experience - as frictionless as possible. We provide a shipping platform, tracking platform and customs clearance platform developed by our in-house team. Developing our own technology means we can be flexible to your needs, and adapt to new delivery expectations and regulations quickly.


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Asendia Shipping

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We've made it easier for you to manage cross-border shipments with multiple final-mile carriers.

Asendia Shipping, our multi-carrier shipping platform, makes it easy and efficient to access all delivery options around the world. You choose your services and the countries you want to ship to, and it will provide the correct label for each parcel.

We will further sort your packages and parcels at our distribution centre and make them ready for their next leg of the journey by air or road, ensuring they are ready for customs and our in-country delivery partner.


Features and benefits

Yellow Icon Manage all your parcel shipments in one place regardless of service, format and country
Yellow Icon Create, edit and print address labels in bulk or individually
Yellow Icon Access all Asendia solutions for worldwide delivery or choose specific countries and services
Yellow Icon Integrates with your systems and tools like Metapack
Yellow Icon Handles customs paperwork and data transfer
Yellow Icon Process shipments of up to 30kg
Yellow Icon GDPR compliant & fully secure



Asendia Tracking

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With reliable tracking and local language notifications we minimise your "where's my parcel?" enquiries.

Asendia Tracking is our fully integrated tracking platform that offers both retailer and end consumer views. For retailers, it works seamlessly with your existing systems, giving you full visibility of all your parcels with customisable reports and complete up to date accurate tracking information. For your consumers, the platform is available in multiple languages and gives them real time updates of their parcels.


Features and benefits

Yellow Icon
All tracking information in one place
Yellow Icon
Retailer view includes higher visibility of the parcels journey
Yellow Icon
Consumers can contact Asendia or our final mile partners directly to track parcels for faster resolutions
Yellow Icon
Multiple search options for improved efficiency
Yellow Icon Local language email notifications & alerts via the platform
Yellow Icon Consumer views complete parcel journey for peace of mind
Yellow Icon Multiple languages available for a local experience
Yellow Icon Customisable reports to suit your needs




Asendia Connect


Selling on multiple channels like Shopify, Magento, Amazon and eBay? With Asendia Connect we make it easy to manage all these shipments in one system.

Listing your inventory on multiple sales channels provides lots of opportunities to grow your business, but it can also provide lots of additional administration when it comes to handling your shipments. 

The solution is Asendia Connect. This platform enables you to print shipping labels for all of Asendia's parcel services, monitor your deliveries, and manage email notifications from one place.

Integration is simple and fast and it's a customer friendly interface with excellent support.


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Customs clearance

Our customs clearance portal collects duty, taxes and ID on behalf of your customers so their parcels can clear customs swiftly.


Depending on the destination country and your individual business needs, we can offer both Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) and Delivered Duty Unpaid services (DDU).

Customs Overview download

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How does our paperless customs clearance solution work?

Our paperless system offers early notification to local customs offices once items are in transit, reducing the potential for delays.

We enable to you quickly view which orders are awaiting customer action or customs approval. Parcels can be held during ID upload and while duty payments are being collected. If the customer fails to do this, there are no returns to be managed, supporting your corporate social responsibility.


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What is the shopper's experience?

Yellow Icon Quick and easy process
Yellow Icon Receives customised emails designed with your branding
Yellow Icon Multiple payment options available including PayPal
Yellow Icon All customer service enquiries are fully tracked
Yellow Icon Parcels with charges still unpaid within 30 days will be returned



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