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Founded by two leading postal operators, we are your experts for distributing your publications to readers around the world.

We help you reach consumers and businesses across the globe, working hand-in-hand with local postal services in over 200 countries.



Getting your publications into the hands of your readers around the world is our core service, whether by post or on newsstands. However in some countries we can do so much more.






Specialist mail solutions for international publications


Whatever you’re sending to your subscribers, members or newsagents — whether it’s magazines, newspapers or industry publications — it is vital that it arrives on time, in good condition, and within budget.

You can rest assured that with Asendia your publications are in safe hands, we understand these requirements and support you all the way to keep your customers happy.


Delivery times to suit your needs and budget

We appreciate that some publications are very time sensitive whereas others can take a little longer to be delivered to keep costs to their lowest, which is why we offer two delivery times: Priority and Non-priority.

Extra postage discounts 

In addition to our standard cost-effective international postal services we can offer significant postage discounts for qualifying publications to some key destinations. Contact us to see if your destinations are on the list.




What do we do?


Asendia is owned by La Poste and Swiss Post, this gives us access to their global mail delivery network which has postal partners in over 200 countries and territories.

The final-mile delivery is handled by highly trusted local postal specialists in each country and we handle the exporting of your publications from the UK, across the border, and to the partner.

At our International Mail Centre at Heathrow, we have the technology and know-how to prepare your mail to the requirements of each postal authority - address formatting, sorting, bagging, labelling, etc. - so it can be delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Optional mailing fulfilment services

Additionally we can handle the mailing fulfilment as well as distribution. This is from our ISO-certified mailing house near Southampton. This is optional but highly recommended.





Case studies and testimonials

The Economist has worked with Asendia for over 25 years. This is just one example of a leading international publisher that trusts us to deliver for them. Lots of smaller publishers of niche magazines and journals do too.




Looking for prices? Please talk to us

We don't have prices and full service User Guides on our website because services and prices depend on many factors, such as volume, frequency, weight. size, destinations, collection address, fulfilment requirements, etc.

However we can gather all the information we need from a quick discussion with you. Additionally, we aim to really understand your business needs, to provide advice, and form a professional relationship with you.