Polywrapping Services

Some of the best known publications are polywrapped and mailed by Asendia. With Sitma polywrapping lines - famous for their reliability - we can polywrap almost any mailing, from large catalogue runs to niche magazines.

 As well as competitive polywrapping prices we offer a lot of flexibility; inserting up to 6 items per pack and providing inkjet addressing or carrier sheet printing. Our ISO accreditations illustrate our quality standards and commitment to the environment too.

Whether you need to polywrap 500 magazines or hundreds of thousands of catalogues, contact Asendia for a quote.

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What does our polywrapping service include?

Here's a summary of our polywrapping services, but please contact us to find out more about how we would manage your polywrapping jobs to ensure it's completed on time and to the quality you expect. We are proud of our Account Management, scheduling systems and data processing capabilities, and have customers that are happy to recommend us.

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Sitma polywrapping lines, famous for their reliability

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Carrier-sheet printing and insertion inkjet addressing

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Capacity for up to 6 inserts in one polywrapped pack

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Polywrapping of UK and international mailings, sorting the mail to achieve postage discounts

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Missing product and double sheet detectors

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Polybagging by hand for very small runs or unusual requirements

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From 100 items polybagged by hand to 500,000 items polywrapped

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ISO 9001 and 14001 certified production processes


We can maximise your postage savings

Our mailing house can polywrap and sort your mailing to be directly injected into the Royal Mail network or an alternative UK postal service, to achieve maximum postage discounts. And we are owned by La Poste and Swiss Post, so we are experts for international mailings. We have saved some customers £1000's in postage alone!

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What can we polywrap?

Most of our polywrapping customers are publishers, but we do handle a variety of mailings; for UK and international delivery. We polywrap some very well-known publications and others that are not so famous, but equally important to us.

Our customers range from small businesses to media groups with many titles who require a lot of flexibility and capacity as well as competitive prices..

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Carrier-sheets or inkjet addressing

We understand that some mailings are no-frills, and inkjet addressing is a fantastic and cost effective addressing option.

For customers that want to include a carrier sheet, we offer black or colour laser printing options that can – if required – print much more than just a name and address.

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'Greener' polywrapping

Polywrapping has a bad reputation, in these times where people are quite rightfully more environmentally conscious. However the polywrapping industry has moved on a lot on recent years an their are more environmentally friendly polywraps now available.

We can source your polywrap film for you - with trade discounts - and there are a number of options:

Starch-based polywrap
A thermoplastic made of starch from maize, potato wheat and other similar resources. In household situations, it may take up to 2 years for the packaging to fully degrade.

Polylactide Acide ( PLA )
A thermoplastic made through a bacterial fermentation. Does not decompose quickly in soil or water; however, it degrades quicker with the help of acid.

A polymer derived from fossil fuels, sometimes produced by also combining starch with the polymer. This is a biodegradable and compostable material.

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Our environmental policy and accreditations

With our ISO 14000 certification you can be assured that we have production processes and waste management processes that are very conscious of the environment.

We also have a documented sustainability strategy, and a partnership with the Woodland Trust that means we can help you reduce the carbon footprint of your mailings.

More about our environmental policy

Photos of our mailing house

Our mailing house in Southampton is where we provide our polywrapping services. We also offer envelope inserting by machines and by hand, tabbing, labeling and pick and pack.

We have the capabilities you need to sort and prepare your mailings for collection by UK and international postal providers.


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