Looking for mailing services in Southampton, Hampshire?

29 March, 2024


Are you looking to outsource your mailing campaigns to a local mailing house in the South of England? 

There are many benefits to outsourcing mail outs to a reputable mailing service, especially when it comes to direct mail fulfilment and delivering valuable results.

They can oversee the whole direct mail process from start to finish including data handling to design, print fulfilment to distribution, helping to improve the quality of service and making postage costs more efficient and cost effective.

One such company are Asendia who provide all these mailing services and more at their impressive ISO-certified mailing house near Southampton, take a glimpse here. one of four facilities for global mail, parcel and fulfilment solutions in the UK.

They provide tailored printing and mailing solutions for marketing mail, business mail or publications to customers both locally and internationally and therefore are best placed to produce your mailings.

Their established, quality service is used and appreciated by some of the UK’s biggest brands as well as smaller businesses too looking for a trusted mail fulfilment partner.

A one-stop shop solution Asendia can fulfil, sort, prepare and distribute mailings. Let’s take a closer look at their services.

Data Processing

Asendia will handle all your data requirements and help you achieve a quality mailing list with their international and domestic data processing services.

Regular and structured data cleansing can have wide-reaching benefits across an organisation including increased productivity, so you achieve the best response rates and a smooth-running mailing process.

Personalisation and Print Management

When it comes to printing, Asendia provide quality personalisation and comprehensive print management. Various options include both laser printing and inkjet to digital and litho printing plus pre-press services covering a scale from simple to more complex requirements.


To ensure your magazines or other publications are sent out looking clean and intact, Asendia offer a high speed and high-quality polywrapping service favoured by many renowned publishing companies such as Northern & Shell have used Asendia to polywrap and distribute their four titles including OK! magazine.

Regarded one of the most efficient and low-cost direct mail options Asendia use their high-speed Sitma packaging system to polywrap all kinds of jobs big or small, from 500-magazines to more than half a million catalogues.

Automated Insertion, Folding and Hand Finishing

Mechanised envelope inserting saves time and therefore is ideal for direct mail or business mailings. Asendia provides low-cost high-speed options as well as folding, labelling and tabbing services. A hand finishing service is also available for items that need a more bespoke touch.

Learn more about the mailing fulfilment processes offered by Asendia at their ISO-certified Eastleigh-based Mailing House in Hampshire. Arrange a visit and find out how Asendia’s mailing services can help you, get in touch today.

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