Looking for a mailing house in Southampton, Hampshire?

12 February, 2023


Everything you need for your mail fulfilment and postal discounts under one roof.

Do you have a business in Hampshire? Are you looking to outsource your direct mail campaigns and mail fulfilment services locally? If so, a Mailing House could be the way forward.

If you want to learn more, just ask Asendia.

It is trusted by an assortment of leading brands in the UK who rely on Asendia’s professional and efficient service to provide effective mailings. 

Research by the Data & Marketing Association has revealed 92% of recipients go online after receiving direct mail marketing and 8

Companies such as niche magazine publisher Samedan have been working with Asendia for the distribution of their magazines, which includes polywrapping services and inserts.

Meanwhile, retailer Boden also use Asendia’s cost effective and reliable service to print and despatch postcard mailings and polywrap, mailing more than 200,000 catalogues a year to overseas customers.

So how can a Mailing House like Asendia’s help your business?

  • A mailing house does all the hard work for you providing an all-round, cost and time-effective service when it comes to the large-scale despatch of mail for your organisation, handling the entire mail fulfilment process – preparing, printing and packaging fast and efficiently. Asendia provides a dedicated account manager to support your business’s requirements from the off.
  • Mailing houses are normally more cost-effective as they can take advantage of lower bulk postage rates for direct mail, packets, parcels, leaflets, and brochures.
  • They offer tailored solutions to suit all kinds of businesses including high quality design services and data printing options available for personalisation. A mailing house like Asendia’s knows all the most innovative tips and techniques when it comes to adding that personal touch.
  • When it comes to data, a reputable mailing house will have a number of processes in place for the receipt and storage of data. They will also maintain ISO certifications that display their ability to securely manage data. Asendia is an ISO 9001 and 14001-certified mailing house offering a host of international and domestic data processing services including a bespoke subscription management database created for UK magazine publisher Northern & Shell who use Asendia to manage, enclose and mail out their four magazine titles.

Get the most from your mailings with a quality service that saves you time, minimises postage costs and maximises open and response rates – all you need to know is here: https://www.asendia.co.uk/international-mailing-fulfilment.

If you want to request a quotation or arrange a site visit to experience Asendia’s Southampton-based Mailing House first hand, the friendly and knowledgeable sales team are waiting to discuss your business needs. https://www.asendia.co.uk/contact/sales


To find out more about Asendia's leading international mail fulfilment and postal solution click here.

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