The key benefits of using a tracked international parcel service

24 August, 2017

A tracked international parcel service provides a way to build customer trust and establish a reputation for great service. Businesses of all sizes and types benefit from using this kind of delivery to ship orders to destinations overseas.

The benefits of tracked international parcel services

There are many benefits that come with tracked international parcel services, including:

  • A choice of delivery options to suit your needs – opt for a mailbox delivery (without a signature) or a personal delivery (where a signature is required).
  • Tracking throughout the delivery process – you’ll be able to see where the delivery is at multiple stages throughout its journey.
  • Simplified customs – for parcels up to 2kg, the process of clearing customs can be simplified and speeded up.
  • Insurance – tracked international parcel services offer a range of insurance options to suit the needs of the business/customers/parcel content.
  • Versatile delivery – find the right provider and parcels can reach the ends of the earth via last mile delivery options with a high density of postal networks.

How can tracked international parcel services help you to improve your business? Visibility at all times

Both you and your customers will know where the delivery is, from the moment of shipping, to the point at which it is delivered. This kind of clarity contributes to a positive customer experience and cuts down time spent on enquiries.


Reliable delivery is crucial for establishing the kind of customer trust that builds loyalty. Loyal customers contribute enormously to creating steady cash flow and helping to broaden out customer base.

Peace of mind

Whether you’re dealing with a high volume of orders or a few, using a tracked international parcel service provides the peace of mind of knowing that every order is being well taken care of.

High value goods

Particularly if you’re shipping high value items, it’s important to make sure the process is as secure as possible. Tracked international parcel services provide a simple solution that ensures every item is delivered safely and on time.

Streamlining parcel delivery

From large retailers looking to simplify the delivery process and introduce new efficiencies, to smaller retailers seeking a way to offer customers a premium shipping experience, a tracked international parcel service has a great deal to offer. Intuitive processes, faster shipping times, more transparent delivery and a wealth of information ensure that both customers and business enjoy a better experience all round.

Tracked Goods

Our Tracked Goods parcel solution is perfect if your international parcels require tracking; plus you can choose between Mailbox Delivery with priority handling and Personal Delivery with your customers signing for the delivery.

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