Identifying the best shipping platform for your international parcel delivery needs

28 August, 2017

Man pushing trolley of parcels in winter.

Shipping is an incredibly important part of building a strong and loyal customer base. If you’re unable to deliver on your purchase promises to customers then you will soon find that they look elsewhere to businesses that can.

Shipping platforms and software help to make the process of delivery a much easier one to manage, to ensure that you always know where you are with orders and that they arrive right on time. So, what do you need to look at when you’re identifying the best shipping platform for your international parcel delivery?

Sales volume

It may be that initially you simply don’t have a need for a specific shipping platform but can use existing international parcel delivery services on an ad hoc basis. Most offer tracking and a range of pricing and timing to suit a broad spectrum of needs.

User friendliness

Once you start investing in a shipping platform it’s going to be crucial that it’s simple to use. Trial the interface before you buy and see how easy you find it to navigate around and get the information that you need. Look at the process for getting set up with software to establish how long it will take to get up and running, and make sure that the set up design works for you.


Seamless integration with the top e-commerce shopping carts is going to be a key component in the shipping software that works for you in terms of international parcel delivery. This is a feature that makes life so much easier, providing an easy transition from the customer order to actioning it for delivery. Carts such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Magento, Shopify, Rakuten and WooCommerce are all useful inclusions.

Order management features

Ideally, you need a piece of shipping software that will enable you to manage your international parcel delivery intuitively and without too much effort. So, find a system that incorporates the kinds of features that you’re likely to need on a regular basis. For example, printing shipping labels, producing invoices and creating returns labels, as well as order packing slips.

Customer support and training

If you run into trouble with the software is there going to be someone on hand to help? Choose a shipping platform that offers you plenty of information about processes and setup, as well as a range of tutorials and customer support over email and on the phone if you need it.

Country-tracked Goods

Country-tracked Goods is the ideal solution to send your small parcels worldwide. You and your customer will be notified when parcels leave for their destination and again when they arrive in the destination country.

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