How using a tracked international parcel service can help make your order fulfilment more efficient

30 October, 2017

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The age of e-commerce presents many challenges for businesses and one of the most pressing of these is efficient order fulfilment. Strong and reputable customer service is built on a foundation of solid order fulfilment – once you have an infrastructure in place to manage that then you are on your way to building a loyal base of satisfied customers.

A tracked international parcel service has a big role to play in making order fulfilment more efficient, both for you and for your customers.

Flexible and more reliable delivery

Working with a tracked international parcel service gives you access to a range of delivery options so that your customers can choose the solution that works best for them. From next day shipping, to swift international delivery, professional logistics enable you to offer a service that suits the needs of those who buy from you.

Keeping customers informed

When it comes to delivery logistics the customer service journey is more satisfying when there is no knowledge gap. Working with a tracked international parcel service ensures that customers are kept informed at every stage of the transit of their package. From dispatch confirmation, to updates on location process and an estimated delivery time, customers now expect to be kept in the know at all times – the real time tracking offered by a tracked international parcel service can help you to do this.

Efficient returns

A positive returns experience can convert a dissatisfied customer to one who will shop with you again. Working with a tracked international parcel service means that you have an efficient infrastructure in place to ensure that returns are swiftly and transparently dealt with. You’ll have a full chain of custody for the returned item and also be able to see what stage the return is at so that you can provide reliable estimates on refund or replacement to the customer.

Handling disputes

Disputes can be difficult, especially for small businesses. The support of a third party tracked international parcel service can be crucial in providing the evidence to settle disputes and avoid ongoing issues with that customer. This kind of professional service also helps to avoid disputes arising in the first place. From quality controlled warehousing, to real time tracking and efficient and transparent options for delivery and return, working with a tracked international parcel provider enables e-commerce businesses to provide a smooth and reputable service of their own.

Country-tracked Goods

Knowing the parcel is on route can often be enough peace of mind for a cross-border shopper - helping you convert more browsers into buyers and saving you from customer delivery queries.

Our Country-tracked Goods service provides updates about the status of your package for both you and the customer, with details on when it leaves the retailer's country, and arrives at, the destination country. This not only allows you to keep track of all your deliveries, but also ensures the customer can enjoy genuine peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that their goods are on route.

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