A Good Company

24 October, 2019

The brand that wants to change e-commerce for real

A Good Company is the brand that wants to change mindless consumption into conscious and responsible decisions through their climate positive products. With full transparency, they take responsibility for the whole production- and delivery chain and their e-shop grows rapidly. Last month they delivered to 53 countries. They chose Asendia´s climate neutral international parcel service for their distribution.

About A Good Company

It all started in the summer of 2018, which was one of the hottest ever in Sweden, and whole of Europe for that matter. Anders Ankarlid, CEO and founder of A Good Company, spent the summer with his family at their country house, literally fighting to keep their cows alive. He started thinking about his children´s future and what type of world they would grow up in. There and then he decided to change his life and his consumption behaviour. He resigned from the consultancy company he was working for and started A Good Company. Product by product they want to contribute to changing e-commerce and how people consume in general.

  • They offer flexible packaging material made by recycled stone to other e-tailers at cost. Get in contact with Asendia or agood.com directly for more information.
  • They offset double the carbon for every product they sell by planting a tree in cooperation with WeForest.
  • They have a dedicated community on social media and they experience that customers are very well aware of and demand climate smart products. In constant dialogue with their customers, they develop and produce new solutions and products.

The Challenge

A Good Company takes full responsibility for their products and one of the biggest challenges is transportation. Not only the packaging material is important, but also the distribution. Therefore it is essential to find a partner that is also taking full responsibility for their transportation.

The Solution

Asendia offered Standard Goods and Fully-tracked Goods and is now handling the distribution of tracked and un-tracked products to their international customers, but they also offer a Swedish inbound service from their fulfillment center in Estonia. Asendia offsets carbon for all transports within Europe (excl. last mile), which is a prerequisite for A Good Company.