Brazil B2C E-commerce Report 2019

20 November, 2019

B2C e-commerce turnover is expected to reach almost
21 billion USD in 2019.

The Brazil E-commerce report delves into the details of the B2C e-commerce market in Brazil, including connectivity, digital readiness, and device usage. The report also includes interviews with experts from software corporation SAP and PagBrasil, the leading online payment-processing service in Brazil.

Infrastructure & Logistics

Brazil appears lacking in all the main e-commerce indices, ranking low in the Logistical Performance, Ease of Doing Business, and E-Government Development indices.

However, internet inclusivity is a stronger point for Brazil, and internet penetration of the general population is improving. Additionally, the GDP continues to increase with a steady growth rate – the economy is certainly boosting the e-commerce sector.

E-commerce Landscape

The distribution of online shoppers leans slightly towards females, with most shoppers being in the Southeast of the country. The most purchased category by revenue share is household appliances, followed by mobile phones, then home furnishing and decoration. Among the top online retailers, B2W Digital is leading the market, followed by MercadoLivre and Alibaba. Black Friday and Christmas season generate very impressive sales figures.

If you want to learn more about leading marketplaces in other segments, download the Brazil E-commerce report. You’ll find additional information on market penetration and a general overview of the Brazilian market.

Brazil B2C E-commerce Report 2019

We offer this free light report in partnership with the Ecommerce Foundation. It reviews the current e-commerce landscape in Brazil.