5 ways that using an external fulfilment service will benefit your business

30 October, 2017

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You don’t have to be a large multi national to benefit from external fulfilment services. Whatever stage your business is at, there are many advantages to shifting the responsibility for fulfilment and logistics to a reliable and professional third party. These are just a few of them:

1. Simplifying your e-commerce experience

There’s a lot to think about for a new e-commerce business – or a bricks and mortar enterprise making the leap into digital sales. External fulfilment services help to make this process simpler, taking on the responsibility for picking, packing and dispatch so that the service you offer customers is professional and reliable from the start.

2. Freeing up your employees

Whether you’re a single person enterprise or you have a sizeable staff, time spent on handling fulfilment often feels wasted when you’re employing someone to do it in-house. Using external fulfilment services will free up you - and those working for you - to focus on the key issues of driving your business forward and taking all the opportunities for growth that come your way.

3. Lower cost order fulfilment solutions

It can be costly to employ a team to manage order fulfilment within your business. And if you’re doing this alone while also trying to manage the rest of the business then it’s rarely going to be cost effective. If you opt instead for external fulfilment services then you are creating significant cost benefits that you can pass on to other areas of your business. Working with a third party fulfilment provider means you can cut your fulfilment costs while also making the service more reliable and efficient.

4. Providing scalable service

Sometimes success is as difficult to handle as failure for small businesses. If you suddenly experience a period of extreme growth then you may simply not have the resources to handle the fulfilment needs that this generates in-house. External fulfilment services solve this problem with scalable options that adapt to suit the needs of your business as they ebb and flow with its development.

5. Competitive returns

Increasingly, the ability to efficiently process customer returns is becoming one of the most important elements in providing exceptional customer service. Handling this yourself can be difficult, lack transparency and is often a very slow process. External fulfilment services providers simplify returns, taking the process out of your hands and ensuring that it is swift and transparent, creating a better all round experience for your customers.

Multinational Fulfilment

Could fulfilling your orders within the destination country prove to be more cost effective and offer better customer service?

For larger customers this can prove to be true, but not always, and Asendia can help you compare the options and provide the best solution. We have fulfilment centres in several countries who are specialists at fulfilling orders ready for the postal and parcel network of their region.

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