The 5 best online resources for help with international parcel exports

24 August, 2017

Woman taking a stack of parcels.

Arranging international parcel exports is far simpler and more straightforward than it has ever been. Thanks to advances in technology, simple customs and speedy logistics, global parcel shipping is straightforward to arrange, whatever the purpose.

However, if your business is looking to export parcels internationally and you need more information then there are some key online resources that can provide it.

Exporting is Great

The Exporting is Great site is dedicated to supporting exporters, whether you’re new to exporting, an occasional exporter or a regular exporter. The site has tools to help businesses find the right marketplace and get access to the exclusive deals that the UK Department of Trade and Industry negotiates for UK companies. It also has a wide range of guidance on how to export goods out of the UK.

The Cross-Border Magazine

This publication has been created by entrepreneurs and is essentially designed to provide the kind of information and insight that contributors wish they’d had early on. The Cross-Border magazine is an excellent source of cross-border online trade matters, from the best packaging practices to how to sell on Amazon US.

DTI Export Guides

Perhaps the most detailed, reliable and broad range of guides on exporting are to be found on the DTI’s pages set up for UK businesses looking to sell overseas. There are guides for virtually every market you might want to export into, from Angola to Bahrain and Serbia, with more detailed guidance for some of the larger or more popular destinations, such as China. The guides offer a broad spread of information including market potential, benefits and challenges of doing business in a specific destination, current trade relations and the opportunities that exist. There are also technical details on tax, customs and legal considerations.

International Post Corporation (IPC)

The IPC website provides information aimed at understanding existing positions and expanding into new markets. So, for example, there is detailed information on e-commerce, including shopper surveys, market insights, case studies and articles. Other topics in the IPC knowledge centre include direct marketing and sustainability.


E-delivery is a magazine and the trade title for retailing brands in Europe. It is created and run by experts in logistics, operations, supply chain, warehousing, customer support and a whole range of related services. The site contains plenty of analysis and research, as well as reports and white papers that provide insight into retail performance across trades and jurisdictions.