A Guide to Worldwide Tracking Options for Postal & Courier Services

09 October, 2017

Woman using a parcel tracking app on a phone.

There are a two key options when it comes to tracked services for EU parcel exporting.

Depending on cost restrictions, time considerations and the type of delivery you’re looking for, either tracked postal services or tracked courier services could provide the ideal solution. When you’re choosing between the two there are some key factors to bear in mind.

Tracked options for postal services

Using tracked postal services for EU parcel exporting provides great, secure shipping options that are cost effective too.

  • Reliable, secure delivery to ensure trust in your brand
  • Transparent and trackable service with regular notifications so customers aren’t left wondering where their delivery is
  • Choice of mailbox delivery (i.e. without a signature) or a personal delivery (with a signature)
  • Items up to 2kg in weight enjoy simplified customs clearance
  • High density of postal networks ensure a broad global reach, including last mile delivery
  • A choice of different insurance options to provide coverage that is tailored to the specific delivery

Tracked options for courier services

While global postal networks offer flexibility, reliability and reach on a cost effective basis, sometimes a delivery requires a more involved and personal service. That’s where tracked international courier services are ideal for EU parcel exporting.

  • Shorter delivery times
  • Email notifications at every stage of the transport process
  • Traceable delivery, from the moment the parcel is collected to its eventual drop off with the customer – no missing packages or misdeliveries
  • Real time connections with customers – transparency at every stage
  • Heavier and parcels can be accommodated

What’s the difference?

Both courier and postal tracked shipping have advantages when it comes to EU parcel exporting – choosing the right one means understanding where there are differences between the two.

  • Tracking – both services are trackable, but the level and reliability of tracking will typically be lower through a postal service than compared to using a courier service, but you’ll be paying a premium for that.
  • Cost – postal services can offer more cost effective options, depending on what you want to send
  • Reliability – both services extremely reliable, courier options preferable for higher value items
  • Competition – there are more options when it comes to courier shipping so you may find more choice of services and a wider range of different prices
  • Delivery options – both types of services offer a range of choices, from home delivery and personal delivery with signature, to PUDO points
  • Customs – choose the right provider, with plenty of experience, and customs shouldn’t be an issue whichever service you decide to go for, but there can be advantages to postal customs clearance

Our International Parcel Services

Asendia specialises in international parcel services for businesses; delivering to consumers worldwide. You can take advantage of four services: Standard Goods (packet postal services), Country-tracked Goods, Tracked Goods and Premium Goods (tracked parcel services). We have extra options for some services too: Mailbox Delivery, Personal Delivery (with signature), and PUDO Delivery. We also offer free shipping and tracking platforms.

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