Mail Insights
9 April, 2024
How can using a mailing house reduce your postage costs?

Outsourcing to a mailing house can save you time and money.

29 March, 2024
Looking for mailing services in Southampton, Hampshire?

Are you looking to outsource your mailing campaigns to a local mailing house in the South of England? 

19 May, 2023
Award winning direct mail campaigns by online retailers to inspire you

Even leading native digital brands are choosing to add direct mail to their marketing mix.

3 May, 2023
Your magazine & touchpoint marketing: A perfect match

If your business has a magazine, the key is putting it in the right place.

A strategy that combines quality magazines and effective…

30 March, 2023
Grow your online store with direct mail marketing. Top tips and…

Some of the biggest digital brands use direct mail - Google, ASOS, AirB&B... - should you?

12 February, 2023
Looking for a mailing house in Southampton, Hampshire?

Everything you need for your mail fulfilment and postal discounts under one roof.

3 February, 2022
Polywrapped mailings banned in France

What's changing and why?

It's headline news that single-use plastic is having a negative environmental impact around the globe. Word…

26 April, 2021
5 tips for successful fashion and beauty direct mail

Millions of digital communications sent and received every day, but research shows direct mail advertising really cuts through the noise.

12 January, 2021
Key trends in the publishing market – including challenges and…

Times have been tumultuous for the print and publishing industries.

However, despite numerous well-documented and long-term challenges, the…

20 October, 2020
What Do I Need to Send a Parcel to France?

British e-commerce retailers are frequently sending parcels to France, but there are some rules that dictate how and when you can send…

23 September, 2020
How corporate publishing can help bring your business to life

In an age of ‘fake news’, shortened attention spans and readily available online content, reaching customers with communications that…

9 September, 2020
How to use print placement to appeal to new readers and advertisers

Print media finds itself at a crossroads.

Sales of traditional publications such as newspapers continue to decline at a rate of around7%…

24 August, 2020
How Much Does it Cost to Send a Letter to Switzerland?

Sitting at the heart of the European continent but outside of the European Union, sending a letter to Switzerland isn’t quite as…

19 August, 2020
Letter Postage to Switzerland from the UK: Everything you need to know

Sending mail to Switzerland from the UK couldn't be easier. Granted, there are a few restrictions when it comes to food, drink, and…

7 July, 2020
5 Reasons to Use Direct Mail in 2020

There's been a lot of rumours surrounding the direct mail industry in recent years. Will print survive digital? Is it cost-effective? Do…

9 June, 2020
Press Tips - Barriers and Challenges for Companies in Distributing…

For publishers of newspapers, magazines, or industry journals, ensuring the reliable distribution of your content is vital to brand…

2 June, 2020
Special Offer: Save 15% on Direct Marketing to France

Show customers and prospects in France what they are missing out on from your business! You have the products they want, we have the direct…

2 June, 2020
Planning for Difficult Shipments and Avoiding Risk

Many products pose problems for international shipments, and it can be difficult for retailers to stay on top of varying local customs…

10 March, 2020
What is Polybagging?

We’ve written extensively on this blog about thepolywrappingprocess, as well as the benefits of using it for your mailings. These…

26 February, 2020
5 Things You Need to Know When Shipping to Canada

Smart retailers worldwide recognize the e-commerce opportunities in Canada, one of the top 10 richest countries in the world.

6 February, 2020
Mail and parcel delivery to China disrupted by Coronavirus

The current outbreak of the novel coronavirus (2019.nCov) that was first reported from Wuhan, China, is impacting all global businesses…

3 February, 2020
Insights by Asendia: Issue 2

We’re delighted to announce that the second issue of Insights by Asendiais out now. Get your copy of our essential free guide packed with…

23 October, 2019
7 Things to Consider When Choosing Magazine Mailing Services

The print format magazine is still an attractive way to get content out to your audience – don’t let the naysayers tell you otherwise.

21 September, 2019
Our top tips on how to make touchpoint marketing work for your…

Publishers of print magazines are facing hard times.

15 May, 2019
Make Your Direct Mail Stand Out

Did you know that the global direct marketing industry is worth a huge $44.2 billion? Or that it’s beenproventhat most direct mail is…

3 May, 2019
Israel, a Strong Market for Cross-Border e-Commerce

Online retailers worldwide should take a closer look at Israel as a potential destination for cross-border sales. Israel is an enticing…

10 October, 2018
5 Tips for Driving Results with Direct Mail

Spending time on the basic building blocks of a direct mail campaign is crucial to success, especially when the mailing is being sent…

12 September, 2018
Success and Sophistication of Brand Magazines

Recently, FIPP (the network for global media) published an interesting article discussingHow brand magazines are becoming more…

6 April, 2018
Infographic - Selling to Switzerland: Key facts about the market,…

In order for online retailers to successfully sell to Switzerland, it is important to understand facts about the buyer’s market and details…

24 August, 2016
Epic Denim - a multifaceted direct mail invitation

Personalisation is one of the best ways to engage your audience with your direct marketing campaign, and one company’s innovative invites…

20 August, 2016
Cannes Lions print winners engage audiences of all ages

The recent Cannes Lions awards have recognised some incredible marketing campaigns, including innovative and unique print and publishing…

8 June, 2016
Home delivery is a key driver of growth for cross-border e-commerce

Consumers will increasingly demand better service. Whether that’s free shipping, more delivery options or simply a wider range of goods to…

3 February, 2016
Power of content

How can you get consumers to buy what you’re selling? Many companies are going beyond advertising to create bespoke content as a way to…

6 May, 2015
IKEA and the power of print

IKEA is one brand that knows how to do publishing. In 2014, 217 million copies of the much-lauded IKEA catalogue were printed in 32…

6 December, 2013
5 direct mail questions that are always worth asking

Spending time on the basic building blocks of a direct mail campaign is crucial to success, especially when it is going to run across…