Special Offer: Save 15% on Direct Marketing to France

02 June, 2020


Show customers and prospects in France what they are missing out on from your business! You have the products they want, we have the direct marketing solution to help shoppers find your brand - the perfect combination to expand internationally and open your e-commerce business up to new markets.

From May until 28th August 2020, Asendia will help you with 15% savings on mailings to France.

Etailers can educate online shoppers about their brand and ultimately increase e-commerce sales in France with our direct marketing solutions. Around 40% of French online shoppers order their desired goods across borders. According to the latest e-commerce report (eCommerce Report France 2019, e-Commerce Foundation), there are almost 30 million potential customers in the fashion sector alone. With a predicted growth of more than 6% per year, France is one of the most exciting markets for your expansion!

With this offer, we take care of everything for you:

  • Increase efficiency in customer acquisition and retention.
  • We offer two different solutions, tailored to your individual requirements and the necessary preparations: Destineo Mail and Destineo Integral.
  • Achieve additional postage savings through presorting.

We encourage you to take advantage of this promotion while it lasts and let Asendia help you share your brand with the world! Our experts look forward to helping you plan your next direct marketing campaign.

Plan cost-efficient direct marketing campaigns with Asendia and you will both win new customers and retain existing ones.Our shipping solutions include numerous preparation and delivery options for the worldwide dispatch of small and large direct marketing campaigns.

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