What is polywrapping?

In the context of direct mailing, polywrapping is the process of enclosing and sealing brochures, magazines, books, and catalogues in a polythene wrap using a polywrapping machine. This is an alternative to using paper envelopes that do not provide the same level of protection or sizing flexibility. Polythene is a recyclable material*, or senders may opt for a biodegradable option.

* Not all recycling centres process this material.

The advantages of polywrapping:

  • Polywrap is a lightweight material that helps you to save on postage costs and prevents your product from being too bulky.
  • You can rest assured that your mail is protected against wearing, dirt, and water damage, arriving at the recipient's door as you intended.
  • By choosing see through polythene, you enable the receiver to see your advertising message. This increases the likelihood of customers opening the package and engaging with your content.
  • You can choose biodegradable materials and use this as part of your marketing in order to appeal to the more eco-conscious consumer.
  • Polywrap also allows for creative designs and printing, making your mail even more attractive to your target audience.
  • With polywrapping, you are unrestricted when it comes to the size of your mail (up to A3) as the wrap can be customised to fit around your product ideally. This is also a much more cost-effective option as opposed to bespoke envelopes.
  • Multiple inserts can be added in loose with the magazine or brochure; more than in an envelope.
  • For more uniquely shaped products, Asendia also offers a polybagging alternative as a solution.

The disadvantages of polywrapping:

  • Increasing environmental concerns make plastic an objectionable material for many consumers; however, you can make a positive impact by choosing biodegradable alternatives.
  • Many consumers don't know that low-density polythene is actually a very easily recyclable material and therefore have a negative perception.
  • Biodegradable polywrap may be viewed as a single-use plastic as it cannot be recycled and must be disposed of. This issue is something that can be tackled by educating your customers on why you have chosen this particular material and correcting any misconceptions.
  • Compostable or biodegradable polywrap is a more expensive alternative.



We can include up to 6 inserts in one polywrapped pack


Our experienced team can handle a range of jobs, all to ISO 9001 standards.


We house 2 Sitma polywrapping lines



Asendia is one of the South's leading polywrapping specialists, with polywrapping facilities in Southampton.

Asendia’s team of leading polywrapping specialists works hard to serve the needs of some of the UK's best-known publications. We are experienced and well-positioned to cater to businesses looking to dispatch anything from extensive catalogue runs to small, niche magazines.

We house 2 Sitma polywrapping lines and hold ISO 9001 and 14001 accreditations to demonstrate our quality standards and commitment to the environment, too. If you're looking for a reliable partner who will work alongside your business to offer scalable solutions with quick turn around times, give Asendia a call today.

Recyclable & biodegradable

We are able to source polythene at excellent trade rates for our clients – this includes recyclable and biodegradable alternatives.

A tailored service

We can tailor our service to meet your budget requirements – we don't apply a one size fits all pricing structure.

Polybagging also available

For very small runs or unique requirements, we offer a polybagging service. Polybagging by hand is a solution for jobs that cannot be run on the polywrapping line, but where the benefits of polythene are required.

Different addressing options

Two addressing options with ink-jetting or carrier sheets are available – this offers flexibility and pricing to suit your budget.

A range of UK delivery options

Asendia's polywrapping facilities in Southampton enable us to produce mail to be delivered within the UK, by Royal Mail or alternative postal services.

We are a leading international postal service provider

By choosing to work with Asendia, you are partnering with one of the biggest international postal service providers in the world, so you can benefit from low-cost international postage if your magazines or direct mail need mailing overseas.