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Order Fulfilment Services

Delight your shoppers in the UK and around the world with fast and accurate order fulfilment, and affordable delivery

Does this sound familiar?
  • You're outgrowing your existing order fulfilment setup?
  • You're spending more time on fulfilment than on business development?
  • You want cheaper UK shipping and a mix of suppliers, but don't want to have to use multiple labelling systems.
  • You're getting international orders but know you could grow so much more if you offered better cross-border shipping and returns options.
We can support you whilst you remain in control, and we will aim to improve your customer's experience.

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Asendia has 2 e-commerce fulfilment centres in the UK

Asendia has two ISO-certified Fulfilment Centres in the UK, in Bedford and Southampton, connected to our International Distribution Centre at Heathrow as well as the networks of leading UK postal and parcel companies.

With over 125,000 sq ft of warehousing and pick and pack space across these locations we can handle fulfillment for large and small online retailers located across England.

Sister international fulfilment centres around the world
Asendia also has fulfilment centres in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the USA. So if you could benefit from fulfilling orders from within several regions we can help with that too.


How could you benefit?

Watch this 2 minute video for an overview of our fulfilment services and the many benefits, or scroll down.


Save money

Cut costs with efficient fulfilment, and deeply discounted delivery, returns and packaging rates

Asendia provides many cost saving opportunities on order fulfilment and delivery. Our storage and pick and pack operations are optimised for efficiency, we have deeply discounted postal and parcel rates from dozens of leading suppliers, trade packaging accounts, and competitive returns solutions..


Quote Top White  Asendia manages four of our six online stores, servicing the UK/EU along with Canada, Israel, Asia and the middle east. This involves a lot of different shipping providers and service levels making the task very difficult. Asendia has always been willing to work with us to find the best solution. They are flexible, understanding and reliable which is exactly what we need.  Quote Bottom White


See Bali Body case study




Time Management

Save time

Spend less time on operations and more on business development

We empower you to spend more time growing your business and less time and resources on warehousing, staff, IT systems, carrier management, "where's my parcel?" queries, and planning for peaks (or drops) in demand.


Quote Top White   Working with Asendia has provided us with a whole new opportunity for the European market and having a high level of responsiveness and support from our Account Manager frees up our time so we are able to focus on the aspects of the business that we know best.  Quote Bottom White


See Chilly's case study




Improve your customer's experience

Fast and accurate fulfilment, reliable and affordable delivery, and simple returns 

Delight your customers in the UK and internationally with reliable and fast order fulfilment, and online tracking; it keeps "where's my parcel" queries down too. What about branded packaging or custom inserts? No problem! Plus you can grow your product range and order volumes knowing we can gear up to handle it.



Go global

Helping customers take off internationally is where Asendia really stands out

With Asendia’s leading global parcel delivery solution, you can offer international shoppers affordable, trusted and convenient delivery, encouraging them to hit the buy button. We not only deliver to over 200 countries, we have operations in 17 locations across Europe, USA, Australasia, and Asia; so we really understand international markets!




Sell on more channels in the UK and worldwide

Want to sell more products on multiple channels? Asendia can integrate our international fulfilment system with many ecommerce platforms and marketplaces. We have software developers working with popular platforms like Shopify and Magento and connecting to Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.

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How it works

We connect your store's order processing module to our fulfilment system, which is already connected to dozens of UK and international parcel companies. 

We connect our warehouse management system to your e-commerce platform to seamlessly receive your order details, send tracking numbers back, and update stock numbers.

Our system is also connected to our shipping platform that is integrated with dozens of postal and parcel companies in the UK and around the world.

You send us your products and we'll store them in appropriate locations in the warehouse for your type of products, enabling orders to be picked quickly and accurately.

Having a clear picture of your stock position is critical and our system provides real-time inventory reporting, and an API data return so your website’s inventory is always up to date, even more important if you’re a multichannel seller.

We provide a dashboard for managing in and out inventory. Plus exporting data from the system helps you make a better decision on your stock purchase and business planning.

Pick and pack
We pick and pack your orders to your requirements. Our warehouse management system and picking technology optimises picking to keep costs low and accuracy high.

We pack orders with the care they deserve, and if you have bespoke packaging requirements we can often accommodate them. You are welcome to train our packing staff, can include inserts, and we can help you source branded packaging.


We ship your orders based on your shipping rules, and with access to dozens of postal and parcel services it's our shipping solution that typically makes us stand out from the crowd.

UK deliveries
We have deeply discounted rates with the most popular courier and postal companies in the UK: Royal Mail, DPD, Hermes, DHL and The Delivery Group. Not only could you save money but you can also offer multiple delivery options to your shoppers.

International shipping
e-PAQ is our international parcel range. e-PAQ includes famous courier partners but also gives you access to packet and parcel services recognised and trusted in over 200 countries (but not necessarily well known in the UK). These services can provide better value for money and a more localised shopper experience.


Who chooses Asendia?


Many of our UK based fulfillment clients are young e-commerce retailers that have outgrown their current facility or are looking to expand cross-border.

Bali Body and Chilly's Bottles are prime examples.


Major brands

We work with international brands requiring a UK base for order fulfilment to the UK, European or worldwide market.

This often isn't their whole product range, but specific products, or campaigns.

What products can we handle?

Asendia specialises in fulfilment of consumer goods, although we handle B2B if that's a requirement too. We store and fulfil all manner of items including products, merchandise and marketing material.

Our customers fulfill hundreds or thousands of orders a week, many started off with a UK customer base but now send orders all over the world. With our international parcel solutions you could take off globally.

Our flexibility is a big benefit to customers. We can gift-wrap your products, provide bespoke packaging, and include custom inserts, this can help you build your unique brand.

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Yellow Icon Beauty products
Yellow Icon Household goods
Yellow Icon Small consumer electronics
Yellow Icon Fashion & apparel
Yellow Icon Cosmetics
Yellow Icon Baby goods
Yellow Icon Books and magazines
Yellow Icon Lifestyle products
Yellow Icon Items for pets 
Yellow Icon Subscription boxes



Our larger Fulfilment Centre is in Bedford, ideally located for access to major road networks and airports.
Our second Fulfilment Centre is in Southampton, with most customers located in the South of England and perfect for business importing goods by sea.

Our Fulfilment Centre in Bedford is 100,000 sq ft and our Fulfilment Centre in Southampton is 20,000 sq ft.

Our fulfilment services are ISO 9001 & 14000 certified, and we are a UK Warehouse Association Member and Woodland Trust Partner.

You can be assured of a high quality service and that you're working with a supplier that cares about the environment too.

Yes, we welcome you to do a tour of our order fulfilment centre, and visit regularly once working with us. We are open and honest and aim to build long term partnerships with our customers.

UK shipments
We partner with leading UK parcel and postal providers - Royal Mail, DPD, DHL - consolidating all of our customer's volumes to negotiate preferential rates.
International shipments
With La Poste and Swiss Post as our parents we can provide an international packet and parcel solution to over 200 countries. We partner with local parcel partners in each country to offer delivery options that shoppers recognise, understand and trust.
The quality and pricing of our delivery solution is a key reason a number of our customers chose to work with us.

This depends on many variables like product type/size, stock holding, number of orders a month, packaging requirements, delivery destinations, etc. So please contact us for prices.

An international order fulfillment center is the physical location from which a 3PL (Third Party Logistics Provider) fulfills customer orders for e-commerce retailers.
An order fulfillment center will handle everything from receiving orders (online integration with your website and marketplaces), storing products, picking and packing orders, and preparing shipments for collection by their courier partners.
Fulfilment centres often provide savings on packaging materials and handle returns too.
The main benefits of outsourcing fulfilment should be time savings - so you can concentrate on business growth - flexibility to handle peaks in demand, and cost savings (especially on parcel delivery).

When choosing a fulfilment centre for your business you need to be really careful because you are trusting a business with your stock and your customer's experience. A bad fulfilment centre can easily ruin your business.

Make sure the order fulfilment centre has the space you need now and in 5 years time, ask them technical questions about IT and reporting, find out their SLAs and accreditations, can they ship worldwide at affordable prices, scrutinise their pricing to make sure everything is included, and get references from other e-tailers using their international fulfilment centre service.



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