E-commerce Insights
24 October, 2023
Strategic Partnership with CBIP Logistics: A Game Changing Alliance…

We proudly announce a groundbreaking strategic partnership with CBIP Logistics, a dynamic and technology-driven global d2c logistics…

22 September, 2023
How to turn your side hustle into a flourishing e-commerce business

If you have a side hustle that you're passionate about, you may be wondering if it's possible to turn it into a full-time e-commerce…

19 September, 2023
Should your online store offer cash on delivery payments?

In the increasingly competitive world of e-commerce, providing diverse payment options is crucial to cater to a wide range of customer…

1 September, 2023
What is ESG, why do e-commerce retailers need to take it seriously…

ESG is a hot topic - and rightfully so - but what do you need to know?

ESG might be something you’ve heard about already, but you might not…

11 August, 2023
Overcoming Last Mile Challenges

A successful last-mile delivery relies on many factors, including efficient route planning, tracking, tracking options and friendly drivers.

1 June, 2023
Order fulfilment peak season shopping planning – a checklist

Peak shopping periods can be lucrative, but you need a plan to cope and maintain shopper's experience.

28 May, 2023
Why can book sellers access cheaper international delivery services…

Book sellers can take advantage of privileged international shipping rates. Contact us to find out if you could save.

23 May, 2023
Why choose Asendia for your international parcel shipping?

Offering shipping options to shopper's that are affordable, reliable and trusted is key to boosting conversion.

19 May, 2023
Award winning direct mail campaigns by online retailers to inspire you

Even leading native digital brands are choosing to add direct mail to their marketing mix.

3 May, 2023
How to ship clothes and apparel internationally; a guide for fashion…

The fashion market is very competitive, so expanding cross-border can boost sales, but delivery needs to be carefully considered.

3 May, 2023
Your magazine & touchpoint marketing: A perfect match

If your business has a magazine, the key is putting it in the right place.

A strategy that combines quality magazines and effective…

19 April, 2023
How to reduce return rates for your online store

70% of shoppers read an e-tailer's Returns Policy before deciding whether to checkout.

6 April, 2023
Asendia Launches e-PAQ Select for Oceania E-commerce Market

Asendia’s new, economically optimised and faster delivery service provides an efficient and cost-effective alternative for e-commerce…

30 March, 2023
Grow your online store with direct mail marketing. Top tips and…

Some of the biggest digital brands use direct mail - Google, ASOS, AirB&B... - should you?

28 March, 2023
New global research of 8,000 global shoppers and 800 global retailers

Do you really know what your customers want or how to reach them?

As retailers and brands face changing shopper behaviours and an uncertain…

26 March, 2023
How will ChatGPT impact online retailers?

It's making lots of headlines - sometimes literally! - but how might ChatGPT impact e-tailers?

23 March, 2023
E-commerce final-mile delivery. Why it’s so important to optimise it?

Offering a localised shopper experience will improve conversion rates and repeat orders.

13 March, 2023
Dealing with international returns. What are your options?

70% of shoppers look at a stores Returns policy when considering to place an order, that's how important it is.

3 March, 2023
What's the difference between DDP and DAP shipping?

DDP v DAP ecommerce delivery. What’s the difference and which is best for you?

28 February, 2023
International shipping checklist; advice for online retailers…

Shipping internationally for the first time can be daunting. Don’t worry though, we’ve got a handy checklist to make sure you have…

22 February, 2023
e-PAQ Select: The ultimate solution for international e-commerce…

As e-commerce continues to boom globally, international shipping has become more important than ever before.

For businesses looking to…

12 February, 2023
How to ship books internationally. Tips for online booksellers

Books sellers margins can be tight and shipping them to your customers, wherever they are, needs to be cost effective.

7 February, 2023
WEBINAR: Pia Elster joins RetailX to discuss the Global 2022…

Asendia expert Pia Elster joins the RetailX panel for a discussion of the newly released Global 2022 Ecommerce Report.

The Global 2022…

31 January, 2023
Ten ecommerce retail blogs to follow in 2023

Stay informed with the latest trends in online retail and marketing with these great blogs.

19 January, 2023
Tips for British e-tailers selling and shipping to New Zealand

Trade agreements could see British retailers achieving great success selling and shipping to New Zealand.

13 January, 2023
Consumer demand makes carbon neutral shipping a no-brainer

Carbon-neutral deliveries shouldn’t just be an aspiration for e-commerce retailers – they’re a necessity. Consumers increasingly expect…

5 January, 2023
Tips for British e-tailers selling and shipping to Canada

Online retail growth and trade agreements could see British retailers achieving success selling and shipping to Canada.

5 January, 2023
More work to do on sustainability, reveals retailer survey

In last month’s newsletter eco-commerce by Asendia we launched a survey to learn more about the approaches being taken by our global client…

19 December, 2022
Tips for British e-tailers selling and shipping to USA

The USA is a massive opportunity for British e-tailers. It is the UK’s biggest trading partner with 14.3% of all UK exports worth $57.5…

14 December, 2022
Tips for European retailers selling and shipping to Australia

It might be on the other side of the planet, but British retailers are finding great success in Australia, and it could be the perfect…

30 November, 2022
Asendia award nominations in 2022

We are very proud to have achieved numerous award nominations in 2022.

30 November, 2022
Asendia expands e-commerce offerings to businesses in Australia and…

Online retailers in Oceania can now leverage the company’s expert cross-border e-commerce shipping solutions, along with its regional and…

18 November, 2022
Patagonia and Lulelemon - Ecommerce brands leading the way in paying…

Last month Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard and his family announced they were giving away their outdoor clothing and gear company to help…

15 November, 2022
What you need to know about ecommerce in the Middle East

With its high-end shopping malls, hotels, and retailers you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Middle East is going to be a tougher than…

11 November, 2022
The 10 largest ecommerce markets in the world ranked by country

Ecommerce markets are constantly shifting and what might seem like a lucrative market one day may not be as strong the next.

10 November, 2022
Asendia achieves AEO Accreditation

As part of Asendia UK’s continued strategy to strengthen its status as a trusted international logistics provider, we are pleased to…

9 November, 2022
How will the cost-of-living crisis affect ecommerce?

The cost of living crisis couldn’t come at a worse time. The after effects of coronavirus are still being felt for many and just when you…

17 October, 2022
Chilly’s takes on “big water”

Chilly’s, a reusable lifestyle company and an Asendia client, whose mission is to accelerate the adoption and everyday use of reusable…

17 October, 2022
What’s the carbon measurement of an e-commerce parcel?

As the focus on sustainability in the logistics industry grows, it’s increasingly important for e-commerce retailers to utilise…

17 October, 2022
Asendia shortlisted for the “Environmental Achievement of the Year”…

With all of our sustainability efforts, it’s wonderful to be shortlisted in the “Environmental Achievement of the Year” category at the…

7 September, 2022
Asendia – the perfect delivery solution for selling across Europe

While Asendia is the perfect solution to your parcels and packages to hundreds of counties across the world, they’re also the right choice…

6 September, 2022
Asendia UK shortlisted for Sorting & Fulfillment Technology of the…

Finalists for the Parcel and Postal Technology International Awards 2022 have been announced and Asendia UK is delighted to up for the…

26 August, 2022
How can Asendia help you reach more customers in Asia?

Asendia delivers to 220 countries worldwide, across six regions with unrivalled quality and care that you and your customers deserve, but…

23 August, 2022
Ecommerce on Sustainability 101: Everything you need to know

In April, Asendia’s Chief Business Development Officer, Renaud Marlière offered his take on the RetailX Sustainability Report 2021.


18 August, 2022
The gift of a tree

Since our formation in 2012, we’ve kept sustainability at the heart of Asendia. We realise that as a global logistics provider, we have a…

12 August, 2022
Top Tips for Making the Most of the Subscription Box Boom

It seems there are subscription boxes for everything these days. Whether it’s watches or pet food, alcohol or clothing, there’s something…

5 August, 2022
How Asendia is helping European brands sell more in Asia-Pacific

Asian markets are growing at a rate of around 20% per year on average, which is impressive in itself, but when you compare that to an…

29 July, 2022
Where can Asendia help you reach more customers?

Asendia is not just your average mail delivery service. With two big international companies behind us, and thousands of people who know…

21 July, 2022
Check out these Asendia reviews, we could be what you’re looking for

Finding a mail logistics partner, who values your business ethics and customer expectations as much as you, can be tricky and you’ll want…

23 June, 2022
Asendia UK has made a major investment in parcel automation.

Asendia UK has accelerated parcel processing with automated sorting and robotics for over-labelling at its Heathrow distribution centre.