How to best package medical testing kits?

08 April, 2024


Fulfilling medical testing kits needs particular care and the right fulfilment partner. 

As a healthcare business, you’ll be keen to grow your business whilst making sure your products reach your customers safely and securely, as well as complying with necessary laws along the way.

Whether you're a manufacturer, distributor, or logistics provider, proper packaging is essential to ensure that these sensitive and often life-saving materials arrive at their destination intact and ready for use.

So, what options are available? Let’s explore best practices for packaging medical testing kits to minimize the risk of damage and maintain product quality throughout the shipping process.

Choose appropriate packaging

Selecting the right packaging materials is the first step in ensuring the safe transportation of medical testing kits.

Consider using sturdy, durable materials which provide excellent protection against impacts and environmental factors during transit. Additionally, opt for packaging that is leak-proof and resistant to moisture to safeguard the contents from contamination.

Some options include:

  • Courier bag

The cheapest way to ship Medical Testing Kits is in a self-sealing bag, which is also easy to handle by warehouse staff and couriers. While plastic courier bags are cheap, you can also opt for compostable options which do carry a higher price tag but are eco-friendly.

The main downside to courier bags though is their lack of protection. You may need to wrap whatever you’re sending in bubble wrap or eco-friendly honeycomb cushioned paper.

  • Padded envelopes

Considered to be just as efficient as courier bags, these also take care of the former’s lack of protection by already having bubble wrap built in.

This may well save time in getting your orders packed, but it, of course, does add a little more expense to the packaging.

  • Mailing boxes

The ultimate protection for your Medical Testing Kits, with its rigidity and space for internal protection.

That does then mean you’ll be paying a premium, sometimes even five times as much as a courier bag, but at least you can be sure your kits will endure a long journey if required.

Labelling and documentation

As you’re transporting medical equipment, you’ll need to be sure the correct labels and documents accompany your shipments.

Clearly label each package with the required information, including the contents, handling instructions, and any specific storage requirements.

You’ll need to make sure too that all shipments comply with all the necessary regulations and guidelines for the transportation of medical materials in whichever countries the package is going from and to.

This may include packing slips and certificates of compliance, so customs clearance goes smoothly.

Temperature control

Some medical testing kits are sensitive to temperature variations and may need special handling to maintain their efficacy.

Consider using insulated packaging or temperature-controlled containers, especially when shipping diagnostic kits that contain perishable materials or reagents that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

You may also need to monitor and record temperature conditions throughout transit so your customer can trust that the kits have remained within the recommended storage range.

Partner with reliable couriers

Who handles your package is vital when it comes to making sure items as delicate as medical testing kits get to your customers undamaged.

You need to find a reputable carrier with experience in handling medical shipments and a proven track record of reliability and on-time delivery across multiple territories.

The right logistics partner will work with you to make sure everything you need is in place, including tracking shipments in real-time, ensuring efficient customs checks, secure handling procedures for hazardous materials, and final mile delivery that follows the standards your customers expect.

With a network that spans 220 countries and territories, and a physical presence in 17 of them, Asendia has experience of handling packages containing all kinds of products including those as delicate as medical testing kits.

So, you’ll know you and your business is in good hands with Asendia, as they already have a wealth of knowledge and experience in shipping varied items to multiple locations across the world.

To find out more, drop us a line.

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