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Asendia provides a wide range of services to clean and prepare your mailing lists before the addresses are printed. This can help reduce wastage and costs, and improve delivery times and response rates. We even offer you a free no-obligation data health check.

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How can we help?

We offer a wide range of data cleansing services to ensure that your mailing lists are as clean as possible.

We can clean your data against many suppression files including the most popular ones listed below, and many similar data cleansing services are available for international data as well as UK addresses.

  • Postal Address File (PAF) and Quick Address
  • National Change Of Address file (NCOA)
  • Gone Aways Suppression file (GAS)
  • Bereavement Register file (TBR)
  • Mortascreen
  • Mailing Preference Service file (MPS)
  • Telephone Preference Service file(TPS)

In addition to running your data against suppression files, we can check the data for duplicates and errors:

  • Merge/purge and de-duplication
  • Remove inappropriate characters
  • Case conversion and salutation building
  • UK and worldwide address enhancement

Why get your data cleaned?

You’re wasting money if you don’t and risk damaging your brand

The Direct Marketing Association estimate that over a year 20% of your data could become out of date within 12 months. Your data is likely to include:

    • Incorrect or incomplete addresses
    • Missing or incorrect postcodes
    • People that are bereaved
    • People signed up to the Mail Preference Service (MPS)
    • Companies that have moved or stopped trading

Poorly targeted mail is at best a waste of money and not good for the environment, and at worst can cause anguish to families and lead you susceptible to fines and negative PR.


  • Simple preparation and sorting conditions
  • Reliable and simultaneous distribution to numerous destinations
  • Quick implementation requiring minimal preparation
  • Competitive rates with a variety of delivery options

Asendia’s free data health check will identify any issues with your data and provide a no obligation price for fixing it. This is typically much lower than the cost of mailing bad data, and can help protect your brand.

Free data health check

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