RemailIT is a well-established mailing solutions company who came to Asendia looking for mail consolidation services.

About RemailIT

RemailIT is a well-established mailing solutions company. They came to Asendia looking for mail consolidation services. They benefit from Asendia’s cost saving solution and now mail up to 10,000 items a day with us.

RemailIT began operations in 2009 based in South Africa, offering mailing solutions to a wide range of customers who ship bulk international mail.

RemailIT Case Study


The Challenge

RemailIT came to Asendia since the beginning of their operations in 2009, providing RemailIT with mail consolidation on UK and international postage services, so that they can offer the cheapest mailing prices to their customers in South Africa. In addition, Asendia provides print services for mailings.


The Solution

RemailIT send us up to 10,000 items a day, as well as frequently running large campaigns of up to 80,000 mail items daily, benefitting from Asendia’s cost-effective UK downstream access routes and international partnerships. Asendia supplies print and print finishing options for the production of mailings to further keep RemailIT’s costs down, which in turn offers more cost savings for their clients.

Even if RemailIT has to send their mailings from South Africa to the UK, the postal service, Asendia enables them to reduce their UK and international mailing costs dramatically. This means they can offer better postage rates to their clients.

RemailIT now deals with only one company in one location for their mail consolidation services, instead of several organisations around the world. This allows them to save time and money and makes their processes more streamlined and efficient.

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Asendia has been our preferred postal provider over the years, presenting us with the most efficient and cost effective solutions for our mail coming out of South Africa. Furthermore Asendia also assists us with the best possible postal routing solutions such as DSA services for our many clients within Southern Africa, as well as printing and direct injection of mail into worldwide countries.

Our account executive at Asendia has constantly and, without fail or hesitation, given RemailIT an outstanding service. On many occasions, she has gone beyond her responsibilities to ensure the best possible customer service and solutions offered to our organisation and to our associate companies, CourierIT and FreightIT.

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