Some of the best known publications are polywrapped and mailed by Asendia. With Sitma polywrapping lines - famous for their reliability - we can polywrap almost any mailing, from large catalogue runs to niche magazines. As well as competitive polywrapping prices we offer a lot of flexibility; inserting up to 6 items per pack and providing inkjet addressing or carrier sheet printing. Our ISO accreditations illustrate our quality standards and commitment to the environment too.

Whether you need to polywrap 500 magazines or hundreds of thousands of catalogues, contact Asendia for a quote.

Asendia staff working at polywrapping machines.

Our polywrapping service includes:

  • Sitma polywrapping lines, famous for their reliability
  • Inkjet addressing
  • Carrier-sheet printing and insertion
  • Capacity for up to 6 inserts in one polywrapped pack
  • Polywrapping of UK and international mailings, sorting the mail to achieve postage discounts
  • Covermounting
  • Missing product and double sheet detectors
  • Tabloid folder
  • Polybagging by hand for very small runs or unusual requirements


Our mailing house can polywrap and sort your mailing to be directly injected into the Royal Mail network or an alternative UK postal service, to achieve maximum postage discounts. And we are owned by La Poste and Swiss Post, so we are experts for international mailings. We have saved some customers £1000's in postage alone!

What can we polywrap?

Most of our polywrapping customers are publishers, but we do handle a variety of mailings; for UK and international delivery. We polywrap some very well-known publications and others that are not so famous, but equally important to us:

  • Magazines
  • Journals
  • Catalogues
  • Direct mail
  • Newspapers
  • Reports

Our customers range from small businesses to media groups with many titles who require a lot of flexibility and capacity as well as competitive prices.

Inkjet addressing or carrier-sheets

We understand that some mailings are no-frills, and inkjet addressing is a fantastic and cost effective addressing option.

For customers that want to include a carrier sheet, we offer black or colour laser printing options that can – if required – print much more than just a name and address.

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Our polywrapping service can help you meet your environmental and quality objectives

With our ISO 14000 certification and documented sustainability strategy we can help you reduce the carbon footprint of your mailings.

Our polywrapping services are also ISO 9001 accredited so you can be confident in our quality standards. This covers our planning, maintenance and customer service procedures as well as production, giving you assurance that we have excellent processes in place to ensure mailing schedules are met.

We can supply your polythene wrap

We source polythene wrap and polybags for dozens of customers and get excellent trade rates from suppliers. We can supply all manner of plain and printed polythene wrap, from the lowest cost to the highest quality options. We actively encourage customers to choose biodegrable or recyclable polythene but the choice is yours.

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Polybagging, an alternative to polywrapping

We have a team of people that work on jobs not suitable for polywrapping machines.

Polybagging by hand is a solution for jobs that cannot be run on the polywrapping line, but where the benefits of polythene are required. We have a team that handle jobs like this, working to ISO 9001 standards, and providing an excellent option for:

  • Low volume jobs where it's not cost-effective to set up a polywrapping machine
  • Jobs using non-machinable polythene wrap
  • Mailings that are not uniform
  • Mailings that are bumpy‘ i.e. contain merchandise that cannot be covermounted on a polywrapping machine

Benefits of polywrapping

  • Polywrapping is a fast and low cost way to enclose and catalogues, magazines or brochures
  • Cheaper and lighter than an equivalent paper envelope so can reduce your postage costs when weight is an issue
  • Multiple inserts can be added in loose with the magazine or brochure; more than in an envelope
  • Inserts can be selectively inserted so you can target inserts to specific audiences
  • Two addressing options with inkjetting or carrier sheets; providing options for different needs and budgets
  • We can sort and bag your mailing straight off the polywrapping line ready for distribution in the UK or worldwide
  • Polywrap can be clear, printed or opaque depending on your requirements. It’s possible to create some fantastic designs
  • Your contents should arrive in excellent condition as the polywrapping keeps them clean and dry as they go through the postal system

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