E-commerce Order Fulfilment Services

Our 100,000 sq ft International Order Fulfilment Centre can optimise your fulfilment and shipping processes to delight your customers, keep your costs down, and free up more of your time.

What's more our fulfilment service can help you grow; with our global delivery, returns and e-commerce software solutions, we empower you to sell more to international customers.

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save money on fulfilment and delivery

With flexible storage, efficient pick and pack, discounted UK and global delivery, trade packaging accounts, and competitive returns solutions, Asendia provides many cost saving opportunities on order fulfilment and delivery.


Save Time & increase efficiencies

We empower you to spend more time growing your business and less time and resources on warehousing, staff, IT systems, carrier management, "where's my parcel?" queries, etc.

We could enable you to extend your last order cut off times and provide a quicker delivery solution. We have optimised fulfilment processes to ensure efficiency, and handle peaks (or drops) in demand effectively.



Helping customers take off internationally is where we really stand out.

Our International Fulfilment Centre is in Bedford, but we make daily deliveries to our International Distribution Centre at Heathrow. With Asendia’s leading global parcel delivery solutions you can offer international shoppers affordable, trusted and convenient delivery, encouraging them to hit the buy button. With operations in the UK, Europe, USA, Australasia, and Asia, and delivering to over 220 countries, we are truly international!


sell on marketplaces in the UK and overseas

Want to sell more products on multiple channels? Asendia can integrate our international fulfilment system with many ecommerce platforms and marketplaces. We have software developers working with popular platforms like Shopify and Magento and connecting to Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.


Improve your customer's experience

Delight your customers in the UK and internationally with reliable and fast order fulfilment, and online tracking; it keeps "where's my parcel" queries down too. What about branded packaging or custom inserts? No problem! Plus you can grow your product range and order volumes knowing we can gear up to handle it.

Who works with us?

Many of our clients are e-commerce retailers that have outgrown their own facility or are looking to expand cross-border, Bali Body and Chilly's Bottles are prime examples; plus we work with big international brands requiring a UK base for order fulfilment to the UK or European market.

We can work with customers using platforms like Shopify and Magento with a fully integrated solution, or receive a daily list of orders that need fulfilling where a simplified service is desired.

We don't just work with retailers, we also provide international fulfilment services to well know UK based publishers, charities, agencies, tourism and leisure businesses.

What products can we handle?

Asendia specialises in international fulfilment of consumer goods, although we handle B2B if that's a requirement too. We store and fulfil all manner of items including: clothing, health and beauty products, toys and baby goods, homeware, consumer electronics, merchandise, marketing material, etc.

Our customers fulfill hundreds or thousands of orders a week, many started off with a UK customer base but now send orders all over the world. With our international parcel solutions you could take off globally.

Our flexibility is a big benefit to customers. We can gift-wrap your products, provide bespoke packaging, and include custom inserts, this can help you build your unique brand.


Key facts - Our UK Fulfilment Centre

  • Large modern and secure 100,000 sq.ft. facility in Bedford with excellent road links and direct access to our own global mail and parcel network.
  • B2C specialist, fulfilling single orders, but also consignments & pallets if B2B fulfilment required too or cross-docking or kitting.
  • Fulfillment of products (a wide range), merchandise, marketing material, and literature; for UK or international delivery.
  • International fulfilment solutions for e-commerce retailing, publishing, tourism, FMCG, charity sectors. Ask us for case studies and testimonials.
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality accredited, ensuring low error rates and sustainability. Includes documented procedures for all processes: operations, account management, customer feedback, IT, etc.

Important benefits for you

  • Our solution is scalable so gone are the concerns about handling peaks in demand and keeping customers satisfied. And if you have a quiet period you have less fixed costs to manage.
  • More delivery options and lower charges = better sales conversions. Our low cost mail and parcel services are a key reason many leading e-commerce retailers choose Asendia (you'll know many of them!).
  • Take advantage of global opportunities with our worldwide parcel network, international fulfilment centres, marketplace integrations, and eShopWorld.
  • You don't lose control by outsourcing international fulfilment to us; with online reports, professional Account Management, and you are welcome to visit our site as required.
  • Very competitive pricing - from storage and fulfilment to delivery and returns - and a clear and fair pricing policy. Ask for our pricing calculator.

Download Our Order Fulfilment Guide

Download your free guide to outsourcing your e-commerce order fulfilment. Get more details about what to look for in a supplier and what the common pitfalls are.


Frequently asked questions

Where is our fulfilment centre? Bedford, ideally located for access to major road networks and airports.
What size is our order fulfilment centre? 100,000 sq ft of storage and pick and pack areas.
What accreditations do we have? ISO 9001 & 14000 certified, UK Warehouse Association Member and Woodland Trust Partner.
Can we visit? Yes, we welcome you to do a tour of our order fulfilment centre, and visit regularly once working with us.
Who do we use for parcel delivery? We partner with many UK parcel and postal providers, consolidating all of our customer's volumes to negotiate preferential rates. One of the key reasons customers work with us is for our international parcel solution to over 200 countries and using dozens of parcel partners.
What are our order fulfilment prices? This depends on many variables like product type/size, stock holding, number of orders a month, packaging requirements, etc. So please contact us.

Asendia staff member handling a parcel in the warehouse.

What is an international order fulfilment centre?

An international order fulfillment center is the physical location from which a 3PL (Third Party Logistics Provider) fulfills customer orders for e-commerce retailers. An order fulfillment center will handle everything from receiving orders (online integration with your website and marketplaces), storing products, picking and packing orders, and preparing shipments for collection by their courier partners. Fulfilment centres often provide savings on packaging materials and handle returns too. The main benefits of outsourcing fulfilment should be time savings - so you can concentrate on business growth - flexibility to handle peaks in demand, and cost savings (especially on parcel delivery).

What to look for in a fulfilment centre?

When choosing a fulfilment centre for your business you need to be really careful because you are trusting a business with your stock and your customers. A bad fulfilment centre can easily ruin your business.

Make sure the order fulfilment centre has the space you need now and in 5 years time, ask them technical questions about IT and reporting, find out their SLAs and accreditations, can they ship worldwide at affordable prices, scrutinise their pricing to make sure everything is included, and get references from other e-tailers using their international fulfilment centre service.

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