Multinational Fulfilment

Are you considering fulfilling your orders within the destination country rather than in-country? Multinational fulfilment can prove to be more cost effective for our larger customers, while also allowing them to deliver an improved customer service, but this isn’t always the case, and here at Asendia we can advise you on the best option to suit your needs.

We have fulfilment centres in several countries worldwide, all of which are specialists at fulfilling orders ready for the postal and parcel network of their region.

With language barriers, different cultures and time differences to deal with, exporting products cross-border can be daunting, but our experience and expertise will help ensure the it is a profitable move.

Asendia staff working at polywrapping machines.

Helping you to identify the best fulfilment solution

Multinational fulfilment can save time and money compared with exporting goods cross-border, while also reducing your carbon footprint and the number of distribution miles you clock up.

However this isn’t always the case, and we can help you to work out which solution will be the most cost effective.

To find out more about how Asendia can help you to identify whether multinational fulfilment is right for your organisation, get in touch with our experienced team.


  • Save time and money. Fulfilling your orders within the country it’s being delivered in can provide cost savings and time savings.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of the delivery by cutting down distribution miles.
  • Dealing with multiple suppliers, different languages, cultures and time differences can be daunting, but with Asendia on your side we can simplify the process and make it profitable.
  • We have fulfilment houses in several countries; with your Asendia Account Management team bringing it all together as a seamless solution.
  • There will be times where working with fulfilment houses in-country may appear logical on face-value, but in reality it’s better to deliver cross-border, and we can help you work this out.

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