What e-tailors need to know about shipping parcels to Australia

13 October, 2021


Australia is a popular export market for British e-tailers as it can be a quick win with shared language and similar culture. But what do you need to know about shipping to Australia?

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Expanding your ecommerce business into new markets is always an exciting time, but you’ll need to carry out plenty of research to make sure you’re able to ship to your new customers efficiently with the same professionalism your current customers already value.

Australia may well be on the other side of the world, but it’s a fantastic market to expand into, let’s take a look at some of the facts:

  • Australia is the eleventh largest ecommerce market in the world, and revenue is predicted to reach USD25. 7 billion in 2020. (Source: trade.gov)
  • Top products purchased by Australian online consumers include consumer electronics, clothes and apparel, household goods, and health and beauty. (Source: janio.asia)
  • Australia Imports from United Kingdom was US$5.03 Billion during 2020, this includes items from all sectors. (Source: tradingeconomics.com)
  • Australians speak English, so webshop localisation for this market is a lot simpler for British e-tailers
So, now you’re looking to expand into this market, what do e-tailors need to know about shipping parcels to Australia?

Shipping to Australia from your own UK premises

The big concern for many in shipping to somewhere as far away as Australia, is how to get your items to customers quickly but also as cost-effective as possible.

As you will know from shipping in the UK, or other parts of the world, giving your consumers choice in shipping options, so they choose the cost and time puts welcome power in their hands. But you still need to make sure your options are competitive.

You must also take into consideration any restrictions for goods entering your destination country and customs charges and taxes.

Your courier or logistics company should have the experience and knowledge needed to overcome paperwork and red tape, in fact experts like Asendia operate globally and can support your shipping wherever items are collected to wherever they’re delivered.

Previously, it will have been easy to send items from your own place of business to UK customers. But as you grow and enter new markets, you’ll need to think about the best way to ship to these new customers.

Time and cost of to Australia will be a big factor in people choosing to shop with you. Looking online you will see that typically, it can cost anything from £7 for a small package sent by post, to around £30 and more for larger items and airfreight. But if you're shipping several parcels a day to Australia you will be able to partner with a specialist parcel provider like Asendia that can offer bulk discounts and other benefits.

Shipping times to Australia aren’t as long as you may think. It can take 3-4 days for express services to Australia or up to 21 days for cheaper standard shipping, both via airfreight.

Outsourcing to a UK fulfilment centre with Australian expertise

A UK fulfilment centre may not seem necessary if you already ship from your own premisses. But consider having all your goods safe and secure off-site, ready to go at a moment’s notice to your target destination.

What’s more, the team at the centre are well practiced in all the paperwork and customs charges for borders across the world, meaning you can simply focus on maximising your customer base and growing your business.

These can be shipped with other goods from other companies, reducing costs and also using transport that is owned and operated by your parcel logistics company.

Asendia, for example, has two UK based fulfilment centres that are connected to a global network that helps keep prices low and delivery times short.

Work with a fulfilment centre in Australia

A solution that may suit you well, is to have all your products in Australia prepared and ready for your new customers. Having a local fulfilment centre will help with this and offers the following benefits:

  • Less frequent shipping from the UK to Australia. Send over products in bulk needing one customs form, and tax payment to be safely stored in an Australian fulfilment centre
  • Products are already in Australia ready to be shipped at a moment’s notice to new customers at a local domestic shipping rate with shorter waits for delivery

Dropshipping within Australia

Dropshipping, is another option and ideal for you if your product can be manufactured elsewhere. The customer makes an order via your site and an Australian manufacturer local to them makes their order up and sends it to them direct from their depot.

This does mean you avoid customs costs and red tape, and possible border delays, it may also be cheaper if you’re able to negotiate a better cost with the manufacture. But you will need to take manufacturing time into consideration which may push your shipping time up.

Optimise your online store for Australian shoppers

Don’t forget to basics of how you can increase your store’s conversion rate with Australian shoppers:

  • Localise payment options: Make sure customer can pay in AUD using a payment method preferred by Australian consumers
  • Localised delivery options: No matter how you get your items into Australia, be sure to use a logistics provider who has access to local delivery partners who know the area and local customs

We’ve written detailed guidance on best practice tips for increasing your ecommerce conversion rate which you can read here.

International mail logistics company Asendia delivers to 200 countries and is well rehearsed in all aspects of international shipping. They employ 1,500 staff at 35 global locations, and have fulfilment centres in Italy, Singapore, USA, Australia, and New Zealand.

If you simply need to ask a few questions about how to get started, or you’re ready to start shipping to Australia and grow your business in this exciting market, get in touch and see how Asendia can help make your eCommerce business global.

To find out about local fulfilment centres in Australia, and how they can help your business grow into this exciting market, give Asendia a call.



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