Why Choose Asendia to Help You Deliver to Australia?

If you want the perfect delivery partner with expert knowledge of getting mail and parcels to customers in Australia, then get in touch with Asendia now. We have experience of working with all types of organisations, so whether you’re an established brand or an up-and-coming business, you can rely on us to provide you with the tailor-made service you require.

A high-quality service

At Asendia, we believe in making global e-commerce as easy, straightforward and profitable for you as possible. We’re determined to provide a world-class service for our clients and their international customers, which is why each invaluable client is allocated an experienced Asendia Account Manager, who will be dedicated to helping you fulfil your business ambitions. We maintain a culture of continuous improvement to ensure that the service that we provide to you is, at all times, the best it can be.

In-depth knowledge of the Australian market

Asendia continues to work with the best industry partners to gain the latest research and insights for deeper understanding of this exciting market, and we have our own subsidiaries in Australia and New Zealand! We also have expert knowledge of Australian customs and duties, and can handle these processes for you so you’re free to focus on what matters most: business growth.

A range of mail and parcel solutions

Asendia’s logistics and postal services meet key Australian delivery expectations, including cost-efficiency, the ability to track goods and reliable returns. We ensure that growing your brand in Australia will be as straightforward as possible, with our range of delivery options and expertise in exporting to Australia and handling customs. With our help, you can tap into a flourishing e-commerce market and attract a new, diverse customer base.

The Main Benefits Of Our Parcel Services to Australia

Contact us for full details of our parcel service's features and how they can benefit you and your customers in Australia.


Complete peace of mind
with reliable performance and tracking where required

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Cost efficient
solution for packets up to 2kg and parcels up to 30kg

shipping lorry

Fast delivery
when needed or more economic options if preferred.

Trends in Australian Retail

Online shopping

The Australian e-commerce market is in a very healthy state, with an unprecedented spike in growth between 2017 and 2018. E-shopper penetration is currently around 17.5 million, with many online marketplaces, both established and growing, enjoying the increasing demand for new brands, products and services.

Clothing and media

Most retail categories enjoy success in Australia, but two that currently stand out are clothing and multimedia (such as movies, games and music), with 84% of consumers having purchased these products in the past year. Australian consumers, however, are savvy buyers with broad interests which is why many categories are experiencing impressive growth, such as sports and outdoor; furniture and household goods; and cosmetics and body care.

Online search

Search engines are still the most popular method for pre-purchase product research, ahead of customer reviews, social media and in-store advice. This encourages online retailers to improve their SEO and to make sure that their search ranking is as high as possible. To gain online success in Australia, brands have to be visible.

Focus on digital customer experience

Most successful retailers in Australia have a digital transformation roadmap, on which they’ve made significant progress. The priority is on improving the digital customer experience, making sure that online shopping is as slick, intuitive and secure as it can be. At the very least, online brands should ensure their websites are optimised for mobile.


Of the population are between 25-54


E-shopper penetration


Percentage of Australian households that shopped online last year

Tips for Online Success in Australia

  • Work with trusted experts to help you deliver. Australia is a long way from Europe, with unique customs requirements and a population spread across a vast area, so you need a delivery provider with first class solutions.
  • Provide an excellent online experience. From localisation of online payments and currency, to returns processes shoppers demand, there's lots to consider when setting up your web shop.
  • Focus on SEO for your website. Australian shoppers head to search engines to find international online stores, so make sure your site is optimised in order to beat the competition.
  • Offer end-to-end tracking of goods. Most shoppers buying from overseas will expect to be able to track their order, from time of purchase to final delivery. But that doesn't apply to everyone, some will prefer to wait a little longer and have no tracking if it means delivery is cheap or free. So the answer is to offer both options at checkout.
  • Don’t forget a great returns strategy. Most shoppers will read an online retailer's returns policy before deciding to click on the buy button. So make sure your process is customer friendly and also efficient for you.

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