Why choose Asendia's Premium Goods parcel delivery service to Russia?

With our Premium Goods service, your customers in Russia can enjoy fast, flexible and reliable delivery services tailored specifically to their preferences. From end-to-end tracking to fast delivery and transparent customs fees, we help you offer your customers the best delivery service so they’ll return to your business again.

A range of choices to suit Russian shoppers

With such a vast number of online shoppers in Russia, it’s no surprise that there’s a wide range of preferred delivery options. Postal delivery, courier services, pickup offices and self-pickup lockers are all widely used in Russia, so our Premium Goods solution for Russia offers a breadth of solutions designed to meet your customers’ needs.

Fast and reliable deliveries

Working with trusted carriers La Poste and Russian Post, Asendia combines global logistics expertise with local knowledge to successfully distribute parcels to every corner of Russia. We aim to deliver all parcels just 2-8 working days after the item’s arrival in Russia, so your customers are never kept waiting.

Easy preparation and labelling

Russian e-commerce shipments enjoy relatively low customs fees, and there’s often no VAT to pay for goods coming from outside the country. With Asendia Shipping, simply print out labels and the CN23, and send parcels for delivery. The customs fees, if any, will apply to the destinee at the time of delivery.

The Main Benefits of Asendia's Premium Goods Solution for Russia

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Complete coverage
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A wide range
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Fast and reliable
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Trends in Russian E-commerce


Digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are hugely popular in Russia and seen as an easy, cheap and safe way to buy goods online. The Russian government is planning and implementing new legislation to encourage the use of cryptocurrencies, showing how forward-thinking Russia’s tech sector is and opening up international e-commerce. For now, though, the majority of Russian consumers use e-wallets and cashless methods to shop online.

Mobile first

As a result of the country-wide rollout of 5G, m-commerce is set to continue its rapid growth in Russia. E-tailers are likely to see an increase in mobile payments and purchases, VR solutions and voice search, as Russian shoppers seek convenient ways to find what they’re looking for - fast.

Price comparisons

The majority of online consumers shopping cross-border in Russia are looking to find their favourite items at a better price than in the local market. Electronics; clothing; household appliances; books, music and games; and cosmetics and body care items are all popular online purchases, and Russian shoppers are happy to look internationally if they can save money.

An open-minded market

Currently, the majority of Russia’s cross-border e-commerce imports come from Asian, mostly Chinese, stores. Russian shoppers are increasingly looking further afield though, and analysis of search trends and payments show Russian consumers turning towards industry leaders in product categories, such as Turkey and Korea.


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Tips for Online Success in Russia

  • Partner with an established delivery expert such as Asendia who will help you deliver to new destinations with their local expertise and in-depth knowledge of customs regulations.
  • Offer a range of fast, reliable delivery options and give your Russian customers more control over their delivery, which will increase satisfaction and reinforce brand loyalty.
  • Ensure all costs are transparent and kept low as Russia is a nation of savvy and price-conscious shoppers who demand all information to be given up front.
  • Stay ahead with technological solutions and keep up to date with the latest developments in e-commerce, which will ensure your brand remains relevant and competitive.

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