Why Choose Asendia's Mail and Parcel Delivery Service to Canada?

If you want the ideal delivery partner with in-depth knowledge of getting mail and parcels to customers in Canada, then get in touch with Asendia now. Whether you’re a major brand or an emerging business, you can rely on us to provide you with the world-class service you require. We have all the skills and experience you need to help you succeed in Canada.

Easy Customs Clearance

We have expert knowledge of customs processes across the world, and can handle these details for you when you start selling to Canada. Navigating around the Canada Border Services Agency’s (CBSA) many rules may seem intimidating and complex for businesses new to Canada, but Asendia will ensure that all import procedures are followed and paperwork correctly filed. When it comes to customs clearance, Asendia has it under control.

Ideal solutions

We believe in making international e-commerce as easy, straightforward and profitable for you as possible, which is why we provide a range of exceptional delivery solutions to help you reach new customers in Canada. Our Premium Goods solution offers you the very best parcel distribution network for consumer delivery with a variety of options so your shopper is served in the way he or she needs. Efficient, reliable and customer-focused.

Undeliverable Mail Management

Asendia takes care of all undeliverable mail and parcels for you, saving you time and money while protecting your brand. Our returns-of-undeliverables process in Canada is well established and efficient: parcels are kept at our local hub, where second delivery is arranged. If that is unsuccessful, the parcel is forwarded to a consolidation hub, then flown out to you along with a returns log so you can refund the customer.

The Main Benefits of Our Parcel Service to Canada

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Tried, tested and trusted
parcel delivery across the whole of Canada

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Convenient and flexible
delivery of packets and parcels to Canada

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Enhanced customer experience
with online tracking and reliable delivery

Trends in Canadian Retail

Price sensitivity

Canadian millennials are a key demographic to consider. These are frugal, deal-hungry shoppers who are not looking to be loyal to a particular brand. Instead, they will flock to whoever can provide great quality at great prices.


Customers are increasingly expecting customised offerings that make their online shopping experience more engaging, relevant and unique. Make sure there is an interactive element to the experience you provide.

Health and wellbeing

A huge consumer trend that’s spreading across every demographic in Canada. Help consumers boost their fitness, improve their lifestyles and combat stress, and watch your sales figures leap.


Smartphone use is becoming ubiquitous, which is increasing the proportion of online purchases made on a mobile device. 87% of Canadians made an e-purchase last year, of which 46% were done on mobile.


The total size of the
Canadian e-commerce market


Of the online population
are regular e-shoppers


Average annual spend
of over 22.5m e-shoppers

Tips for Online Success in Canada

  • Work with a trusted expert to help you deliver as Canadians have very high expectations of the customer experience, from start to finish.
  • Keep your prices competitive for value-conscious shoppers in Canada who are keen on acquiring excellent goods, but only if it’s a great deal.
  • Offer a range of fast, reliable delivery options and give your Canadian customers more control over their delivery.
  • Provide quick refunds when parcels are undeliverable to limit customer dissatisfaction and protect your brand – the Asendia undeliverables process will help you with this.

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