Why choose Asendia's Premium Goods parcel delivery service to the US?

With our Premium Goods service, your customers can enjoy a range of excellent features and superior reliability. We will help you create an excellent customer journey that includes full tracking, convenient collection, first-class communication and easy returns. Furthermore, we will help you adhere to the new regulations in the US with our cross-border tool Asendia Shipping, which makes it easy to prepare compliant shipments.

Flexible control for your customers

We have a range of delivery options for your US customers, who can enjoy the convenience of personal delivery with two free attempts, or collection from 36,000 points. Furthermore, full traceability is provided through Asendia Tracking or the USPS website, giving customers complete peace of mind.

Reliable first-time deliveries

When you partner with Asendia, you can be confident of providing a reliable and flexible service for your customers in the US. With Premium Goods, we will help you fulfil their needs, including guaranteed fast delivery, flexible delivery windows, along with first-rate customer care from our professional local team. Moreover, we’ll ensure any shipment of yours that enter the US will adhere to local laws, including the new Securing the International Mail Against Opioids Act.

Excellent returns management

Returns is a vital aspect of the online shopping experience in the US, which is why we work hard to provide a superior returns strategy for our clients, offering a convenient pre-paid local returns solution. We also provide extra returns management services, such as content check, destruction and VAT drawback.

The Main Benefits of This Parcel Service to the US

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Complete coverage
of the full US territory with one entry point

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Full flexibility
for your customers with a wide range of delivery options


Outstanding returns
handling services for enhanced customer experience

Trends in US Retail


Trust has become a key issue for American consumers. Brands are now expected to be clear about their values and stand by them, as consumers increasingly make brand choices based on emotion and spotting values that align with their own. Additionally, the need for trust feeds into the expectation of excellent customer service, reliable delivery and fail-safe returns.

Seeking value

For Americans, tracking down the latest great-value products is an activity that’s more popular than ever before. The stigma that was once attached to bargain hunting is now long gone, with most US e-shoppers now believing it to be practical and wise, turning increasingly to online retail to satisfy their consumer needs.


Self-care is a major consumer trend that has really taken off in the last decade. American consumers are keen to look after and better themselves. E-tailers who link their products to self-care – whether they are clothing, books, food, electronics or any other item that empowers the individual – stand to gain great success in today’s health-conscious market.


Americans are open to an increasingly wide range of technology that assists the e-shopping experience. Furthermore, the typical online shopper in the US expects an e-shop to be visually pleasing with high site performance and intuitive navigation. The speed of checkout also ranks highly in their list of important e-commerce factors.


Total worth of the US e-commerce market


Of e-shoppers who buy more than once a month


Average annual spend of over 33m

Tips for Online Success in the US

  • Partner with an established delivery expert who can help you deliver successfully in new regions with their comprehensive knowledge of local customer expectations, customs-clearance processes and more.
  • Create a robust returns strategy since returns rates are now higher than ever before, having become an essential part of the online retail experience for high-spending American consumers.
  • Offer a range of delivery options and give your customers in the US more flexibility and control over their deliveries, collections and returns.
  • Set prices for value-conscious consumers as bargain hunting is a fast-growing trend among American consumers, who are always on the lookout for the best deals from exciting new brands.
  • Keep up to date with consumer trends and always be aware of new opportunities as the US e-commerce landscape is changing all the time and companies need to constantly adapt to gain success.

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