For online retailers that ship products abroad, managing the e-commerce returns process can be difficult. Here at Asendia we offer a full range of solutions, all designed to match the requirements of your cross-border e-commerce business, providing you and your customers greater control.

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Covering key markets

We own return centres in a number of key markets, including the UK, US, Germany, Norway and Asia, but we specialise in the French and Swiss markets, offering Mailbox returns in France and free pick-up in Switzerland.

This level of global coverage marks us out as the first choice for managing e-commerce returns for many brands.

A range of e-commerce returns solutions

We offer a variety of e-commerce return management solutions depending on what you require, including Standard Returns for your lower value products, as well as Premium Returns in France and Switzerland by Colissimo and Postpac respectively. We can also provide undeliverable mail management — a costly and time-consuming process if you have to do it yourself.

Get in touch with the experienced team here at Asendia to find out more about how we can help to manage your e-commerce returns.


  • Specialist in the French and the Swiss markets including Mailbox returns in France
  • Free pick-up in Switzerland
  • Return centers owned by Asendia in key markets
  • Harness our negotiating power to access the best pricing
  • Strong local solutions in key e-commerce markets: US, UK, Asia, Germany, Norway


Our returns solutions make your cross-border e-commerce simple and reliable for you and your customers.

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