Asendia and FARFETCH have collaborated to create a bespoke logistics service, sharing a commitment to delivering an exceptional luxury e-commerce experience.


FARFETCH's mission is to be the global platform for luxury fashion, connecting creators, curators and consumers.

Founded in 2015, FARFETCH Platform Solutions is their suite of commerce solutions and retail technology for luxury brands and retailers - which includes logistics. 

Website: www.farfetch.com




The Challenge

One of FARFETCH's primary challenges lay in its global presence and the need to access cross-border markets efficiently. Asendia's extensive network allows them to seamlessly tap into domestic services and last-mile carriers in these markets through a single integration, providing them with precisely what they require.


The Solution

As a trusted partner, Asendia provides FARFETCH with a wide range of services, including technical support to onboard new carriers and integrate innovative solutions like the recently launched e-PAQ Select products.

Asendia acts as a one-stop shop, addressing not only technical issues but also assisting FARFETCH in finding and integrating new carriers globally. They now benefit from increased support, enhanced technical capacity, access to various carrier contracts, and a wealth of labels and services available through Asendia's platform.



FARFETCH maintains a dedicated sustainability team to address the carbon impact associated with its daily global parcel shipments. Asendia aligns perfectly with FARFETCH's commitment to environmental responsibility, as it is proud to be 100% carbon neutral. 


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All of our international transport emissions are offset, including those of our last-mile delivery partners, as well as parcel returns, our building emissions, machinery and necessary business travel. This means every FARFETCH shipment carried by Asendia is 100% carbon neutral.

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We foresee a future where our collaboration will naturally contribute to our global expansion. As we grow our business, we are confident that Asendia will continue to support us in all our endeavours.

Chloe Harris, Senior Director of Delivery at FARFETCH

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