e-PAQ the complete package for international delivery solutions

31 May, 2022


Offering a range of international delivery options to your shoppers around the world is a key converter.

With e-commerce playing a vital role in our lives, online businesses are constantly evolving and innovating their services to keep up with consumer demand on a global scale.

Therefore, choosing the right fulfilment partner when it comes to the international shipping and delivery of your products is crucial.

As the main link between you and your customers you want a dependable company who specialises in Worldwide coverage with a tracked, fast service combined with effectiveness and reliability.

With e-PAQ by Asendia, you can offer your shoppers a choice of trusted affordable delivery options.

Why choose e-PAQ by Asendia?
e-PAQ is Asendia’s specialist e-commerce and mail delivery solutions range developed specifically with e-tailers around the globe in mind offering affordable delivery options for packets and parcels to over 200 countries.

How Does it Work?
Convenient, cost-effective, and created to compliment your business, e-PAQ’s four trusted international delivery options include reliable delivery and returns services, tracking and customer support and solutions to make cross-border logistics easy and efficient.

What Are The Options?

e-PAQ standard
An excellent value for money service ideal for low-value purchases delivered by the postal service. Worldwide coverage for packages up to 2kg.

e-PAQ Plus
The budget-friendly solution with tracking and Worldwide coverage for packages up to 2kg.

e-PAQ Select
Fully tracked, fast delivery for packages up to 30kg to all of the world’s key e-commerce destinations. Many of the features of an express courier service without the price tag.

e-PAQ Elite
The most comprehensive delivery option with Worldwide coverage, optimised tracking and customs pre-paid options.

What can you ship with e-PAQ?
Some of the biggest retail brands choose e-PAQ because of their various international packet and parcel options and ship items such as clothing and apparel, beauty products, books, small consumer electronics, toys, homeware, and gifts.

To optimise your order fulfilment and delivery process saving you time and money here are some key factors to look for when choosing the right fulfilment partner.

  • Competitively Priced
    Make sure the fulfilment services on offer are competitively priced, within budget, and you have various delivery options to offer your customers – including free returns.
  • Reputable Service

    A reliable experience is what shoppers want with 96% saying they would return to a retailer who provided an efficient and reputable service.

  • Safeguarded Delivery
    A seamless, safeguarded delivery with tracking for your e-commerce business is a priority that will optimize your shopper’s experience and reduce delivery queries.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    From retail giants to innovative start-ups, customers come first, therefore a high-quality service with unrivalled parcel solutions combined with transparency and honesty is vital for added security and peace of mind.
Looking for international delivery solutions for your business? Head to our e-PAQ pages to find out more, or get in touch to find out exactly how far Asendia can go for you.

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