What is Direct Mail Fulfilment?

19 July, 2019

Think direct mail marketing is dead? Think again. Many studies highlight the benefits of direct mail, from open rates to memorability, so if the question isn’t ‘Should I conduct a direct mail campaign?’, maybe it’s ‘Should I outsource my direct mail campaign?’

What is direct mail fulfilment?

Direct mail fulfilment refers to the process of creating, sorting and sending promotional materials in the form of physical mail.

The whole fulfilment process involves everything from campaign conception through to the mailing landing in the recipient’s letterbox, including printing, packaging / enveloping and distribution.

Should I outsource my direct mail?

When an organisation reaches a certain size, it no longer makes sense to handle their direct mail in-house. Why? Because the costs and effort of mass mailing can become huge.

Below we outline some benefits of outsourcing your direct mail fulfilment.

Save money

As previously mentioned, the expense of handling direct mail fulfilment in-house can become significant when a company gets to a certain size.

Mailing houses enjoy discounted shipping rates due to the volumes they process, and you can take advantage of these rates when you work with one.

Furthermore, you have no overhead costs of renting your own storage space or employing your own fulfilment team.

Access to better equipment

The best mail fulfilment houses will have access to the best equipment, while their proven processes ensures your direct mail marketing campaigns are executed efficiently and with precision.

Better quality finishing

While organisations that handle their direct mail in-house will likely rely on humans or low-end tech for the ‘finishing’ stage of the process (enveloping, folding, addressing etc.), mail fulfilment centres use machines. This naturally leads to more accurate results, and a more professional feel to the mailing - essential when it comes to promotional material

There are also advantages to be had in terms of accuracy. For example, at Asendia we have data checking tools and systems which can avoid duplicates or inaccurate addressing.

Somewhat surprisingly in an increasingly digital age, direct mail is making a comeback, and it’s something your brand should be taking advantage of.

To find out more about Asendia’s direct mail fulfilment solution click here. Alternatively, you can contact us directly to speak with our experienced team about how we can help you make an impression with your direct mail marketing campaign.