Get on track with Asendia's tracked international parcel services

21 April, 2022
parcel tracking


Although the vast majority of parcels are delivered successfully, there are occasions where packages do go missing, and this can be a disaster for eCommerce businesses whose reputation can be impact by less-than-excellent order fulfilment.

That is why being able to communicate order status and shipping updates to your customers by tracking is one of the most important factors for e-commerce businesses, when choosing a reputable shipping service provider to better serve your customers.

Once upon a time it seemed it was just the delivery giants such as Hermes, DHL, UPS and Fedex who fulfilled this vital service at a cost many smaller businesses found hard to swallow, but now worldwide fulfilment companies like Asendia are following suit to make global e-commerce easier and more reliable for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

E-commerce order tracking is an essential element of the customer experience keeping them up to date with the product location and expected delivery time.

According to tracking app Tracktor, customers look up their order tracking page an average of 3.5 times per order and 38% of online shoppers will abandon or cancel their order if the delivery will take longer than a week.

First of all, let’s break down order tracking and look at what it is:

• An online tool that provides greater transparency for the retailer
• Monitors both orders and shipments
• Enables you to communicate the order status with your customers
• Displays despatch information, estimated delivery dates and delivered status

And why is it Beneficial?

• Helps reduce customer enquiries saving time and admin
• Enables any shipment issues to be addressed in real-time
• Gives frequent updates on the order’s location and shipment status
• Optimises the shopping experience improving customer satisfaction

What Tracking Service Does Asendia Provide?
Asendia’s fully integrated tracking platform is available through their e-PAQ packet and parcel delivery service and tracks parcels with multiple search options from order to despatch to delivery.

Available in multiple languages with real time updates for your customers via email and SMS notifications, the platform works seamlessly with your existing systems to give you multiple search options and a full tracking history of the parcels journey with customisable reports keeping all your tracking information in once place giving peace of mind to the customer and bringing transparency to your delivery process.

No one wants to contend with the fallout from a poor shipping experience which can cause endless phone calls and complaints from disgruntled customers.

Therefore, a seamless, safeguarded delivery with tracking for your e-commerce business is worth investing in and a priority that will optimize your shopper’s experience in the long run.

Head to our Shipping and Tracking pages to find out more.

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