Parcel Delivery to France - What you need to know

21 October, 2020
Parcel Delivery to France

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Sometimes mailing parcels can seem a bit tricky, especially if you're sending out multiple items in one day. From pricing and figuring out the best way to package your items, to understanding the best delivery service to use,it can seem like a lot to take on by yourself. If you're looking to grow your business and branch out into the French market, here's all you need to know when it comes to parcel delivery to France


Restricted items

Before sending goods to France, you need to be aware of what you can and can’t send. Prohibited goods are a way to protect the sender, those working in the mailing industry, as well as the recipient. Each country has different restrictions, but a few things you can't send to France are as follows.

  • Live animals - it is illegal to ship anything alive as the well-being of that animal can’t be guaranteed.
  • Flammable goods - this includes explosive chemicals or any goods that could easily catch fire and become a safety hazard.
  • Live plants or seeds from a live plant.
  • Tobacco - due to each country having their own monopoly on tobacco products, shipping any form of tobacco is prohibited.


Depending on the value of the items you're sending, whether you want tracking or not (it's common for e-commerce businesses to provide it), or if you require a signature upon delivery, there may be certain documents you must fill out. 

When you go to ship out large quantities of items or simply need to ship something internationally, expect the following documentation

  • You'll need to fill out a customs form that details what you're sending for review in the country you're mailing to (ie: France will want to know what's coming into their country).
  • With mailing goods, you'll need to determine a set value for each package in case of damages or the loss of a shipment.
  • If you require a signature upon receipt, you'll need to request that service and provide their name, phone number, and any necessary information to ensure they sign for the parcel.


Choosing the most cost-efficient method to ship parcels to France has never been easier. 

We allow you to save on money while securely delivering your product. Integrate Asendia directly into your sales process to provide affordable and convenient shipping methods for your consumers. We take care of shipping, parcel collection, and handle all of the delivery for you as part of one cost.

Two of the top options for e-commerce shipping are

Standard goods

This method of shipping does not require tracking, but you can differentiate between priority mail and non-priority depending on your delivery requirements.

Country tracked goods

Ship up to 2KG and keep track of each parcel's journey. With tracking, you'll have a number that shows you updates as your shipment leaves the country and arrives in France.


For any and all of your e-commerce mailing needs, contact us at Asendia today. We'll help you determine the best way to ship your items to France and ensure that your parcels are delivered safely and efficiently. For sales or any other enquiry, simply click the button below. We look forward to helping your business sell your products into France.

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