Choosing an international delivery provider that’s right for you and your customers

01 April, 2022
International order fulfilment


A reliable and timely delivery experience is what shoppers want from shopping cart to their front door with 96% saying they would return to a retailer who provided an efficient and reputable service. Get it wrong and frustrated customers will look elsewhere.

Choosing the right courier service is therefore crucial as the main link between you and your customers. It’s your reputation at stake so you want a fulfilment company who will deliver your goods on time and in one piece to their intended destination.

With so many providers offering international parcel delivery and services with differing prices and options, it can be a challenge.

So, what are some of the key factors to consider?

Find a reputable service
It’s your responsibility to make sure your customer gets the best service possible, but this doesn’t mean you have to just cherry pick one of the big brand names such as UPS, DHL and Fedex just because they’re familiar.

International delivery solutions companies such as Asendia might not be household names, but they’re used by some of the world’s biggest brands and have a network that rivals many order fulfilment companies already mentioned. They are also constantly evolving their packet and parcel services to offer cost-effective reliable solutions for e-tailers of all sizes selling Worldwide.

A responsible delivery provider like Asendia, will always do their best to look after you and your customers and give them the high-quality service they deserve.

Do they put your customers first?
Customers come first, so when choosing your courier delivery service think about your target audience and consumer trends. What would they find appealing?

A select menu of choices including Free Shipping, Flexible Delivery Options, Tracking and a Straightforward Returns Service are just a few popular options. Asendia can offer a variety of trusted international delivery options that are convenient, cost-effective and will compliment your business.

Parcel solutions for every shape & size
Can your products fit through a letter box or need a more specialised service for bigger items? Generally, the smaller you can get your packages, the cheaper they are going to be to send. e-PAQ has been designed especially by Asendia for online retailers with its Standard, Plus, Select and Elite options which cater for packets and parcels range between 2kg and 30kg. The Standard service includes a special format for smaller packages up to 3cm height which reduces costs giving you additional savings for 27 destinations.

You don’t need to look any further.
Asendia provides the complete package when it comes to delivering international parcel solutions for e-commence businesses with their cheaper than courier, better than postal service.

Asendia’s competitive prices combined with expertise and innovations will give your shopper’s the best experience possible while at the same time help you optimise your order fulfilment and delivery process saving you time and money.

To find out more about how Asendia can manage your international delivery solutions, get in touch.

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