International delivery options for your E-commerce business

23 July, 2018

Effective international shipping is an essential part of expansion for a business looking to reach a new audience overseas. If you’re seeking cost effective delivery for your E-commerce business for a range of items across country borders then you have a number of options to choose from.

Standard international delivery

Sometimes, cost is the highest priority to customers and that’s where standard international delivery can enable you to give your customers what they want. Standard delivery options don’t generally come with tracking but do offer a choice of economy or priority delivery. Opting for standard international delivery is ideal for sending smaller items where tracking is not really required – reliable and easy to use this kind of delivery is the best way to offer the cheapest possible international shipping to customers.

Country tracked international delivery

The option of country tracked international delivery is a hybrid between the cost effectiveness of standard delivery and the higher degree of transparency and security of a tracking option. This type of shipping provides basic updates, usually when the package is dispatched from the country of the retailer and also when it arrives in the buyer’s jurisdiction. For many products and customers this type of tracking is sufficient, providing enough information to avoid extensive customer enquiries and keeping shipping costs low.

Tracked international delivery

Tracked goods shipping is still a cost effective way to enable cross border delivery for your customers. It also provides additional peace of mind and security with regular tracking updates and real time information about where the package is at all times. There are many advantages to this, including reducing the number of customer enquiries for the business to deal with, as tracking updates and notifications are sent directly to the customer, as well as to the business. Tracked international parcels can be personally delivered into the hands of the recipient or via a mailbox delivery for those seeking more convenience.

Courier services

Courier services are ideal for international deliveries where time is of the essence or items are very valuable and significant levels of insurance are required. Courier services are the most secure and swift form of international delivery, with packages travelling via the fastest possible networks with a high level of security involved. The right courier services will also be cost effective, balancing the need for fast shipping and a high degree of security, against the pressures of an international delivery budget.

How to Select the Right International Delivery Provider

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