The 4 Best E-commerce Analytics Platforms

31 December, 2020
The 5 Best E-commerce Analytics Platforms


Identifying your customers and understanding their buying behaviours is the key to developing an e-commerce business. Online stores often rely on Google Analytics to monitor their customer base and understand how their business is growing. But Google Analytics isn't explicitly designed for e-commerce and fails to generate the data you need to understand your clients.

Identifying the various types of buyers you are attracting and understanding how they visit your site helps you to optimise your store layout. You will also be able to create more targeted marketing that will lead to increased conversions. If your chosen analytics tool lacks these insights, you'll be missing many opportunities for more effective marketing and increased sales.

So which analytics platforms are best for your business? We take a look at some of the most popular options.

Which platforms are best for a small business?


  1. OWOX BI

The OWOX BI marketing analytics service is an all in one system that can merge information from separate systems. It speedily develops the reports you require. OWOX BI automatically uploads clicks, costs and impressions for your sales campaigns to Google Analytics. You'll receive campaign reports in the Google Analytics interface. With automatic actionable reporting, OWOX BI merges data from your website, advertisers and customer relationship management (CRM), allowing you to create your own reports without expert knowledge or needing to hire developers. By discovering the insights you need to attract buyers to your website, OWOX BI increases the efficiency of your advertising and lowers your costs.


  1. Heap

Heap will help your team in making smart decisions. This e-commerce analytics platform captures the actions of each user on your site or app, allowing you to analyse the behaviour patterns driving retention and conversion. Our innovative approach means that any business can analyse and understand user behaviour without the need to employ specialist technicians. And because Heap starts to collect data the moment that you install it, this information is at your command immediately. No need to wait when you have a query – Heap will answer straight away. Set up takes only a couple of minutes.


Which platforms are best for a mid-market business?


  1. Woopra

Woopra redefines how companies identify, analyse, engage with and retain customers. This customer journey analytics platform optimises growth throughout the purchaser lifecycle. Woopra harnesses data at the level of the individual to create analytics reports for insights that help to bridge any gaps between your departments. Woopra's technology tracks customer usage across your entire site and smartphone apps. This e-commerce analytics platform also integrates seamlessly with the likes of Salesforce, Intercom, Segment and Marketo to merge diverse data points across teams and platforms. As Woopra sweeps up data, People Profiles uncovers each user's behavioural history, from the first click to conversion and sale. Every engagement becomes an opportunity to personalise the customer experience.

The Triggers feature gives teams the possibility of taking action in real-time on the data provided. Woopra automatically personalises page content, invites a chat, enrols drip marketing campaigns, updates the status of leads and customises zero-latency promotions. These combined advantages allow businesses to deliver customised user experiences at the right time and via the right channel.


  1. Mixpanel

Mixpanel is a powerful analytical tool that assists businesses to harvest data, respond quickly and improve their products. Teams can analyse customer engagement, conversion and retention using this powerful analytics platform, allowing them to enhance their visitor experience. More than 26,000 businesses from a wide range of sectors use Mixpanel, including Ancestry, DocuSign, Expedia, Lemonade and Uber. You can install Mixpanel for free while paid-for versions are available to meet your changing requirements as your company grows.

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