Critical factors for cross-border e-commerce success in China

08 August, 2019

With a fast-growing population, unemployment falling and GDP rising 7.5% year-on-year, China is becoming a premier e-commerce destination for more and more retailers.

China holds one of the biggest shares of the global e-commerce market, but to succeed in China requires a detailed understanding of Chinese culture, payment preferences and how they shop online.

The e-commerce landscape in China - and how to make it work for you

Single’s Day (November 11th) is the biggest shopping holiday in the world and, in 2017, China alone generated $25 billion in online sales; clearly, there’s huge appetite for e-commerce. Government schemes to improve infrastructure nationwide and connect China’s rural edges are also promising signs for future growth.

But tapping into such a huge market isn’t without its challenges. Competition is fierce in China and dominated by e-commerce giant Alibaba, which holds 58% of total retail e-commerce sales. The following competitor,, holds just 16%. However, Chinese consumers are open to new brands and will pay for foreign products they know and trust, if you can prove you’re a genuine and established brand, you’ll reap the rewards in cross-border sales.

Chinese consumer delivery preferences at a glance:

  • 88% of Chinese consumers search for websites that offer free delivery
  • 66% expect no minimum spend to qualify for free delivery
  • 90% would shop online more if there were a wider range of delivery options
  • 89% say it’s important to have a specified delivery date
  • 76% would like to be offered same-day delivery

For more information on the Chinese e-commerce market, visit our webpage that’s dedicated to this exciting destination.

To stand out from the crowd, offer Chinese consumers the services they want, from online payments (preferred by 80% of shoppers) to faster deliveries (items bought cross-border are expected in under a week).

China B2C E-commerce Report 2019

We offer this free light report in partnership with the Ecommerce Foundation. It reviews the current e-commerce landscape of China.


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