4 tips to manage premium goods parcel delivery to France

05 December, 2017

When you’re exporting to France you have a huge opportunity to expand your business into a thriving new market where demand is high. There is a particular love for premium brands. However, French consumers can be choosy, especially when it comes to service and delivery when they are buying premium goods.

They not only expect cost effective pricing but speedy options too – including when it comes to returns. So, how do you manage your parcel fulfilment service to France to ensure that you get it right?

Top tips for parcel fulfilment service when exporting to France

Always use tracked delivery for premium goods

When purchasing higher value goods French shoppers expect a premium delivery service. Tracked delivery has many benefits, including keeping the customer informed at key stages in the progress of the shipment. This can help to reduce the number of enquires customers need to make and will provide peace of mind for both you and them. When customers are buying from overseas, ensuring they are kept informed is key if you’re looking for a repeat purchase.

Give customers the option to choose a delivery window

When you put the delivery time selection in the hands of the customer you are increasing the chances of a successful first time delivery. That way customers are more likely to engage with the delivery process and to ensure that signed for parcels are met at the door. If you’re exporting to France and keen to get achieve high service levels then the more first time deliveries you can achieve the better.

Make sure you have infrastructure in place to deal with returns

French consumers are some of the most demanding in the world when it comes to returns. They not only expect a returns service to be swift but refunds to be quickly processed too. For many businesses expanding into new markets the focus is very much on shipping out. However, you also need to make sure you consider the returns process to avoid a poor reputation in the local market.

Work with a transparent fulfilment partner

The choice of partner for parcel fulfilment to France can have a big impact on whether or not your expansion into this market is likely to be successful. Even if you’re not in control of the delivery yourself you should still be able to see essential data at all times. This is particularly important when parcels are crossing borders – there should be no customs hold ups on entry to France but it’s important that they are handled if they arise. A transparent and efficient fulfilment partner will keep you informed so that your customers will be too.


Asendia is jointly owned by La Poste; the national postal operator of France. So we are uniquely positioned to help you in this important destination. France is one of the largest e-commerce markets in Europe and also very attractive for publishers and direct marketers. Targeting French consumers represents a clear opportunity in cross-border retail, especially as the French have a love for European brands and quality products.

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