3 Incredible Direct Mail Examples

25 September, 2019

In a saturated digital world, direct mail is still an effective way to reach new audiences and re-engage with disconnected ones. But you should also be aware of people's tendency to be dismissive of anything they perceive as junk mail. So, if you're going to pursue this method of marketing, ensure that your campaigns are informative, visually pleasing and thought-provoking. You should aim to leave a lasting impression on the recipient.

To help you generate some fresh ideas for your direct mail campaign, we've explored three world-class examples and pointed out some of the key features that make these direct mail pieces stand out.


UK residents will notice the similarity between this KitKat "delivery note", and the standard Royal Mail notice the postal service leaves when it is unable to deliver a parcel. KitKat's pastiche replica is a little tongue in cheek, stating that the chocolate bar was "too chunky" for the letterbox. This is then offset by the delightful offer of a free KitKat, ready to be collected at the recipient’s local Newsagents.

This type of advertising is super effective for multiple reasons:

  1. People will not overlook something that looks like a parcel delivery.
  2. There is just the right balance of humour and wit to keep the reader engaged.
  3. Even though the appearance of the note blends with the colour and structure of a Royal Mail delivery notice, the KitKat branding is prominent and distinguishable enough.
  4. KitKat’s marketing team have inbuilt a way to track the engagement that this campaign has by asking the recipient to take the slip to the newsagent in order to claim their free chocolate bar. This enables them to track the number of people who redeem what is essentially a voucher and track the success of the campaign in specific geographic areas.


The popular mobile network provider was struggling to reach it’s mid-market business prospects and finding it hard to secure qualified leads. After studying their target audience, O2 selected 50 of their top prospects and created a highly personalised campaign. Each client was assigned their own digital advisor that appeared in a hologram via direct mail. The precise personalisation and innovative nature of the hologram was not only a distinct novelty for the recipients; it was also deeply immersive and impressionable.

Admittedly, this kind of campaign is not cheap or simple, by any means. The physical creation of the holograms, as well as the level of customisation required for each one, cost the company a grand total of £34,838; but the benefits far outweighed the costs. For O2, this method of direct mail enabled them to combine smart marketing tactics and technology in order to reach prospective clients that would have otherwise disengaged with the company altogether.


The world monopolist on search engines, Google, has identified the effectiveness of lumpy mail in their marketing efforts. In 2017, they sent a few select clients a giant advent calendar that shared digital insight about internet use in the UK behind every door. Oh, and there was chocolate too.

Sending an oversized advent calendar was a great idea. Google, the data giant, discovered a more distinctive approach to reaching its clients and sharing valuable industry insights, while also keeping with the theme of merriment and gift-giving. It certainly left a positive impression on the agencies that received the lumpy mail and worked as a positive and practical PR piece for Google.

The evidence is quite in favour of the fact that direct mail, when done right, really works. That's why some of the worlds biggest organisations are jumping on board. When creating your direct marketing campaign, using innovative designs, clever marketing tactics and engaging content will ensure that you see a worthwhile return on investment and that the benefits are reflected in your revenue.

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