How does e-PAQ work?

For e-tailers large and small, we take care of the international logistics (sending your parcels from the UK to 220 destinations), and our delivery partners in each country handle the final-mile delivery. We work with 100's of best in class postal and parcel partners, and you just need an account with us.


Why is this better?

Most parcel and postal companies around the world do not have operations in the UK, they focus on delivery in their country or region. We do the work to connect you to their delivery services (with our IT, transport, and negotiated rates), and because they are familiar to your shopper, reliable, and affordable, it is proven to boost conversion rates and customer experience!


Why haven't you seen Asendia before?

We specialise in cross-border delivery solutions for e-commerce businesses like these. We don't ship parcels for consumers or handle deliveries to UK addresses, so you won't see our branding everywhere (but our parent companies are well known internationally). We have a large International Parcel Processing Centre at Heathrow and a fleet of vehicles that collect from retailers and fulfilment centres.

How it works

How Asendia works chain

Chart 1

Step 1

Connect to Asendia's shipping platform and you can print labels for multiple final-mile carriers quickly and easily based on your shipping rules. It will process your customs data appropriately too. You just need an Account with us; one integration, one set of rates, one invoice, one customer services team, dozens of delivery options!

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Step 2

Step 2

Once you’ve packed and labelled your parcels, arrange for pick up or drop off your parcels at your nearest Asendia distribution centre.

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Step 3

After passing through our exportation processes at our London Heathrow based distribution centre, your parcels are put on a plane or truck, to make their way to your customers’ home country.

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Step 4 customs

Step 4

At its destination country, our agents manage customs clearance for your parcels. We can provide advanced customs solutions to ensure there are no surprise costs or delays at customs.

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Step 5

Each parcel is handed over to our local delivery partner to complete last-mile delivery. We have delivery partners in over 200 countries, from national postal operators and globally recognised couriers to local e-commerce delivery specialists.

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Step 5 Tracking

Step 6

If you use our tracked services, you and your customers are able to track a parcel’s entire journey on our online platform and receive notifications in the local language.

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Step 6



Step 7

Your customers receive their orders in a timely manner, delivered by a familiar local delivery service to their door, mailbox or collection point, depending on their preference.

We make global shipping easy for you

We know that shipping and delivery can be confusing and we’re here to help you sort it out. As the leading global multi-carrier supplier, we’re present in 17 countries and have partnerships with best-in-class carriers across 220 countries. We can provide your business with a one-stop delivery solution that delights your customers all over the world.


Speed and reliability every single time
We only work with reputable delivery partners to ensure timely and reliable deliveries and returns for every parcel.


Offer local delivery options
Let customers choose a familiar local delivery service, select their preferred delivery method, and improve sales at checkout.


Simplify parcel labelling
Integrate your e-commerce platform with Asendia and use our labelling tool to print labels with the correct information.


Affordability matters
We leverage our global buying power to negotiate preferential rates with delivery partners for you and your customers.


Visibility for tracked packages
You and your customers can track each parcel throughout its journey. Your customers can also receive notifications in their own language.


Your business, your shipping rules
Set your shipping rules and let international shoppers choose their preferred local delivery service at checkout.


Supported by best-in-class technology
Our leading technology helps manage complex cross-border logistics by simplifying labelling, customs clearance, tracking and returns.


Your business is important to us
Whether you’re a popular retailer or a one-man e-commerce store, you’re assigned a regional account manager to help you out.

Dozens of packet and parcel delivery partners in over 200 countries

Asendia connects you to our delivery partners all over the world, each offering localised delivery options to customers in their region of expertise.

They may not all be familiar to you, but they will be to your shoppers!

When you work with Asendia, you get to offer your customers a wide range of delivery methods, this includes cash-on-delivery or delivery to lockers instead of a home address, where this is the shopper's preference.

Contact us to find out more about which carriers we can connect you to.

Parcel delivery partner examples

We have dozens of expert partners







Postal delivery partner examples

We can access Packet services in 200+ countries







Our Commitment to Sustainability

We offset 100% of carbon emissions for international shipping from the moment we receive your parcel to the moment we hand it to our local delivery partners. Our e-PAQ and Mail services in France and Switzerland are also 100% carbon neutral.

We continue to be committed to developing services with built-in sustainability best-practices. Grow your business with us in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

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Want to grow your business with Asendia?

We specialise in international end-to-end delivery for small, medium and large e-tailers. We can tell you all about how we've helped boost their international sales.