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If you have subscribers, members or customers that you send regular mailings to — whether it’s magazines, newspapers or corporate publications — it is essential that you’re working with a company that can deliver those publications straight to your readers, without any issues.

Here at Asendia we can provide a prompt and reliable way to send magazines, newspapers, and corporate publications directly to readers — including subscribers, members and customers — all around the world, from any country. We offer a simple and easy to use solution supported by a complete range of additional services right across the process chain.

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How Asendia Can Help

Choose between our priority or economy service depending on your needs (see the comparison table below). Alternatively, our newsstand press service is a bespoke solution that can be tailored for any weight or format.

For more information about our subscriber press services, give our experienced team a call. Alternatively, you can complete our online contact form or simply request a quote below.


  • Helping you reach your readers quickly and cost effectively
  • Solutions to meet your individual needs through modular options and services
  • Ideal for urgent shipments such as daily newspapers to foreign destinations
  • Increase reader satisfaction through timely and reliable international delivery

Which service is right for you?


Subscriber Press Newsstand Press
Priority Economy -
Single copy (up to 2kg) Yes Yes Custom solutions for any weights & formats
Pack (up to 5kg) Yes Yes Custom solutions for any weights & formats
M-bag (up to 30kg) Yes Yes Custom solutions for any weights & formats
Registered Yes Custom solutions for any weights & formats

Our Subscriber Press solutions make

cross-border business simple and dependable; bringing your publications to

readers all over the world.

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