Asendia and what3words collaborate to streamline deliveries to the Middle East

06 March, 2024

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By leveraging Asendia UK's extensive network and what3words' precise location technology, retailers can expand their reach into ME markets with ease.

In a move set to enhance the e-commerce landscape in the Middle East, Asendia UK has announced a strategic partnership with what3words, the innovative location technology company.

This collaboration aims to enhance delivery accuracy and efficiency in key markets such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates where precise addressing can be a challenge.

The e-commerce sector in the Middle East is posed for substantial growth. It is estimated to reach a market volume of $50 billion by 2025,[1] driven by the widespread use of cutting-edge technologies, and favourable government initiatives to promote digital economies.

As e-commerce continues to thrive in the Middle East, the demand for reliable and efficient delivery solutions has never been higher. Retailers can integrate what3words' precise location technology into their checkout process, and this data will be transmitted via Asendia’s systems to ensure a precise delivery.

What makes what3words' technology unique is its ability to assign a unique combination of three words to every 3-metre square on the planet. This simple yet effective system simplifies the task of identifying delivery locations, ultimately streamlining the entire delivery process. Joining forces with what3words will bring a new level of precision and efficiency to Asendia UK’s delivery services.

Quentin Hicks, Middle East Partnerships Director at what3words, says: “what3words is fast becoming a standard in the Middle East's e-commerce ecosystem. Pioneering logistics companies like Asendia UK are utilising our technology to make cross-border deliveries more efficient and reliable, enhancing the overall e-commerce experience in the region.”

With the combined expertise of Asendia UK and what3words, the future of e-commerce delivery in the Middle East is brighter than ever.

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