How to do international direct mail marketing

25 February, 2020

There are very few limitations to what is achievable through international direct mail marketing these days. While many businesses are hyper focussed on targeting audiences through digital campaigns, there are very lucrative avenues to explore by reaching out through "snail mail". And, if you haven't looked into the current industry standards, you may be surprised to learn that sending promotional content through traditional postal channels is a little less “snail-ish” these days.

In terms of numbers, the scales tip significantly in favour of direct mail marketing. According to Forbes, 60% of surveyed individuals stated that tangible mail was more impactful and made information retention easier. There's even buy-in from Millenials who are emotionally responsive to the nostalgia triggered by traditional mail.

So, if you're looking for ways to breathe in some new/old air into your marketing efforts and gain substantial ROI for your business, let Asendia take you through the steps of running a successful international direct mail marketing campaign.

Prepare your mailing list

The success of your direct mail marketing campaign is firmly hitched to the target audience you have identified. As a business, you should already have a well-developed idea of who your buyer personas are, but there are even more considerations to make when you are reaching out to an international audience. If you've partnered with a mailing house to help with the distribution of your content, they may be able to help you with mailing lists for your select destination as well as other crucial marketing data for the location you are targeting.

Asendia offers a full consultancy service that can help to optimise your mail for global delivery. Contact us here, to learn more about how we can assist.

Develop your concept and decide on a budget

Once you've decided who you're targeting with your direct mail, you can begin work on creating the kind of content that will deliver your sales message effectively.

It's also important to factor in budget at this point so you should research the cost of printing or creating your physical mail as well as how the weight and dimensions will affect packaging and postage prices.

To capture the recipient's attention, you should use inspired design ideas and engaging copy if you're sending pamphlets, brochures or catalogues. If you're posting lumpy mail, check that the content won't be subject to customs charges and that it will be appealing to the region you are directing your mail to.

Make your campaign measurable

Just because you're taking your marketing offline, doesn't mean you have to go off the grid fully. In fact, integrating your digital efforts with your direct mail marketing campaign will create a better customer experience, and it will help you to demonstrate ROI to your stakeholders.

So go ahead and make your direct mail responsive. Guide the recipient to a URL or display a QR code that drives the lead to a designated landing page. You can also include barcoded coupons or vouchers that help you track engagement once you compare the number of redeemed vouchers against the amount you originally sent out. You can also gamify your campaign by encouraging recipients to post fun pictures with your direct mail on social media. All of these interactions help you to get real-time metrics on the success of your campaign.

These are, perhaps, the three most basic considerations you need to make, but it's also crucial to ensure the following:

  • Write good copy: If you're trying to break into a new market and are keen to put your best foot forward, make sure that your text is impactful for all the right reasons. Use professional writers that can communicate effectively in the language spoken in the region you are targeting and make sure that your content is relevant, appropriate, and that it inspires action.
  • Offer value: The reason why international direct mail often gets overlooked is the stigma attached to the advertising medium, derived through years of ill-conceived "junk mail" distribution. This doesn't have to be the case if you apply inbound marketing practices to your concept development. Your content creation process should always be value-driven. Make sure that the information in your copy is genuinely useful, that your promotional offers are worthwhile, and that the look and feel of your printed design is unique and attractive.
  • Partner with an experienced international mailing house: Most reputable international mailing houses have their own direct mail distribution channels. If this is your first time using this method of marketing, or you simply want to consolidate all the different elements that come with such an initiative, do some research into what services are offered by your potential distributor. They should be able to assist you with everything from generating a mail list, designing your direct mail, posting it to your desired location and handling customer responses – something which is particularly useful if you are targeting international markets.

If you're excited to get your international direct mail marketing campaign on the go, look no further than Asendia. We offer competitive rates that fit any budget, as well as the flexibility to accommodate organisations of varying sizes. Our delivery options are fully customisable and enable businesses to localise the look and feel of their mailings to ensure the success of your international direct mail campaigns. We provide an end-to-end service that gives reassurance and delivers on promise. To get a quote, get in touch with one of our direct mail experts today.

To find out more about our direct mail services, get in touch with the team here at Asendia.