5 Best Practices For Direct Mail Marketing

08 April, 2020

Do you want your buyer's attention? Direct mail marketing is still one of the most effective ways to engage your customers. With a 29% return on investment (ROI), this isn't a marketing channel you want to overlook.

As with all your marketing efforts, however, there are key best practices that you should be familiar with before launching your campaign.

Target the right audience

Naturally, there's a cost attached to sending a physical item in the mail – more so than digital mail. For this reason, making sure that you've narrowed down your list of recipients to only those who truly align with your ideal buyer criteria is essential for your campaign's success.

59% of surveyed respondents claimed to enjoy getting mail about product updates from their favourite brands; so as long as you know who your audience is, your mail is very likely to be met with a warm welcome.

Asendia offers a mailing list advice and access to millions of worldwide consumers through their partners. Get in touch for more info on our extensive targeting selections.

Calls to action that get things moving

You've sent out your mail with the goal of getting your prospect to make a decision. But does the content clearly illuminate your calls to action (CTAs)? 42.2% of direct mail marketing recipients will read or scan your content, so your core marketing message needs to pop out.

Use attractive images, text, and graphics that point towards the next step in your campaign. Work closely with your copywriters and designers to create convincing messages that will immediately draw the recipient in.

The secret formula to effective calls to action is clarity and repetition – help customers to remember you by placing your key CTAs in prime locations like your sidebars and postscripts. Regularly A/B test your mailers to make sure that your CTAs are effective – this part of your design process should never be a guessing game.

Create a follow-up plan

When incorporating a direct mail marketing strategy into your marketing plan, it's important to remain thorough with your follow-up game. You've outlined and targeted your ideal buyer with your content; now, make sure that your sales team knows how to approach these warmed up leads.

You need a strategy that will keep the recipient engaged, whether that's sending them an email with further instructions, more enriching content, or asking the recipient to visit a dedicated URL. Use your social media platforms to target your audience on a deeper level once you've rolled out your mail campaign.

Make sure that you have a plan to capitalise on this critical contact point you've established with your potential customers by providing them with multiple ways to respond to your CTAs. Some recipients may wish to post their response back, while others may prefer to go directly to your website; be sure to set up and manage all the relevant channels for receiving feedback.

Presentation is key

It's important to note that many modern customers have sensitivities around direct mail – there is a conception that it contributes to pollution. The great news is that there are so many sustainable material options available on the market today, and if you're using recycled or compostable resources, you should certainly let your customers know. They'll appreciate your efforts and be more receptive to your messaging.

If sustainability is a priority for your brand, speak to Asendia. Our extensive network of suppliers gives us access to the best sustainable resources for print and packaging at affordable rates that we transfer on to our clients.

Another great feature of direct mail is the extent to which you can personalise it. Once you've segmented your target audiences, you can tailor your content to each group. Ensure that your mail is addressed to your customer to further enhance the customisation.

Use attractive packaging that encourages the recipient to open the mail. According to research, oversized envelopes get a 5% higher open rate. Plain white envelopes aren't very exciting, so use colour and attractive design to pique your recipient's interest. Alternatively, you can make use of polywrapping to give your leads a glimpse of what's inside the packaging.

Integrate with other marketing efforts and align with sales

Direct mail isn't the dark nemesis of digital marketing. The two optimise and complement each other. According to HubSpot, 18% of B2B marketers allocated budget to direct marketing and print advertising. Your sales and marketing team needs to view both activities as complementary and ensure that your campaigns are multifaceted – this approach increases your chances of a higher ROI.

You should A/B test your campaigns and send out multiple mailers; each time, be sure to track engagement and response rate exactly as you would with your online marketing campaigns.

You've gathered demographic data in building your targeted mailing list; you can now use this information to fine-tune your Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and emailers so that recipients of your direct mail get custom content that nurtures them further along the buyer's journey.

These are just some of the most appropriate actions you should be taking when formulating effective mail marketing campaigns. Having good quality content that is purpose-built to drive your marketing campaign is essential. You need to set up the right communication channels for your sales team to follow up on leads and gain feedback. Continuous optimisation is another essential activity if you'd like to get the most out of your investment. You can do this by aligning your marketing efforts, using attractive design techniques and materials; and, above all, ensure that you've targeted the right buyer personas.

Asendia specialises in creating fully optimised direct mail campaigns. Whether you'd like to penetrate your local market further or are keen to reach out to your global audience, we have the expertise and resources to develop targeted campaigns. We use sustainable materials and best practice marketing strategies to create and deliver high-quality direct mail to your ideal buyers – wherever they may be. To find out more about the benefits of marketing with direct mail, speak to us today for advice or a quote if you're interested in using our services.

Speak to us today for advice or a quote if you're interested in using our direct mail services.