Business Mail

Versatile services for your business correspondence

Why choose Asendia for business mail?

You want to know that your international business mail is going to reach its destination safely and on time.

Here at Asendia we offer a range of versatile services for your business correspondence. Whether you are sending business correspondence internationally or in-country, every day or regularly in bulk mail, our business mail services provide a straightforward solution for your international business needs.

There are a range of advantages to allowing us to deal with your international business correspondence.

Choose between Daily Business Mail or Periodic Business Mail depending on your needs, while we also offer Priority and Economy delivery solutions depending on your budget. We pride ourselves on providing efficient and reliable cross-border business mail services.

Our international business mail services are great for companies of all sizes, so if you’re looking for an organisation to handle this side of your correspondence, get in touch with our experienced team to find out more about what we can offer you.


  • Efficient and reliable cross-border business mail services
  • Two solutions for daily or periodic business correspondence: Daily Business Mail and Periodic Business Mail
  • Reliable and trustworthy postal communication with your business partners
  • Priority and Economy delivery solutions

Ideal for

  • International business correspondence for companies of any size
  • Daily correspondence such as contracts, offers, replies to enquiries, personalized letters, single invoices
  • Bulk business mail on a regular basis like invoices and customer account statements
  • Shipment of letters with fixed deadlines and standard formats, such as invoices.

How Asendia can help your business deliver

Our business mail services make global correspondence reliable and easy; supporting your production, international delivery and response management.

International mail logistics

  • Mail Collection
    Mail Collection

    We offer a cost effective and flexible mail collection service from your warehouse, office, post-room, mailing house or 3PL provider. We have our own fleet of vans collecting from within the M25, and preferential rates with DPD (our sister company) and haulage partners; all collecting nationally.

    Your mail will be taken directly to our mail centre at Heathrow for onward forwarding via air or by road depending on the service. Our pick-ups are arranged around your production schedule, making life easier for you.

    Contact us to learn more.

  • Transport

    Transporting your mail around the world.

    We take on full process responsibility for the distribution of your cross-border mail, providing safe and reliable worldwide transportation for your business mail.

    Contact us to learn more about Transport.

  • Special Deliveries
    Special Deliveries

    Tailor-made for your specific needs, including express and courier delivery services.

    Contact us to learn more about Special Deliveries.

  • Undeliverables Management

Preparation Services

  • Lettershop Services
    Lettershop Services

    Versatile solutions to prepare your business mail for shipping.

    Our services consist of inserting (enclosures, supplements), packaging (polywrapping, polybagging, envelope inserting), addressing (ink-jet), franking, sorting and preparation to ship (in bundles, bags, on pallets or other formats.)

    Lettershop services are offered in Germany, Singapore, UK and USA for worldwide shipments. Contact us so we can look into offering you a custom solution for your country.

    Find Out More >>

  • Address Cleaning Services
  • Postage Optimisation

Warehousing and fulfilment

  • Storage, Stock Management and Shipping to Order
    Storage, Stock Management and Shipping to Order

    Store your printed material in our warehouses.

    Our warehouses can hold your printed materials locally for accurate and timely international shipping, complete with inventory notifications and inventory overview.

    Our fulfilment solutions include packaging (polywrapping, envelope inserting), addressing, franking and shipping.

    This service is available in Germany, UK and the USA. Contact us so we can look into offering you a custom solution for your country.

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