What is a Mailing House

09 July, 2019

Looking to distribute mail throughout the UK or internationally?

Here at Asendia, as well as postal solutions, we boast an IS0 certified mailing house in Southampton, to ensure we’re best placed to deliver best-in-class mailing fulfilment services, but what is a mailing house exactly?

What is a mailing house?

Simply put, a mailing house takes care of every aspect of your mail fulfilment requirements, preparing direct mail for distribution either locally, nationally or internationally. You could say it’s the ‘house’ in which every aspect of the mailing process lives.

Organisations that use mailing houses typically require sending a large volume of direct, transactional or national / international mail.

Note that mailing houses also sometimes refer to themselves as mailing agencies.

What does a mailing house do?

Depending on what you need, a mailing house will:

  • Process data;
  • Package letters and parcels, including enveloping and polywrapping;
  • Mail those letters / parcels to their destination;
  • Handle returns.
  • One aspect in which the term ‘mailing house’ is a little misleading is that mailing isn’t all they do, and here at Asendia that’s no different.

    As well as handling national and international mailing, we offer press and publishing solutions, delivering the highest quality digital printing and inkjetting, including full colour and monochrome.

    Why use a mailing house?

    For organisations that require a large quantity of direct mail produced and / or distributed, there are a huge number of benefits to using a mailing house:

    • Produce direct mail marketing materials that are creative but made at scale, ensuring costs are kept low. You’ll find that you save money on labour costs and postage.
    • Access to the best printing and mailing equipment without the costs involved of handling it in-house.
    • Access to a large distribution network, ideal if you need to send mailings abroad.
    • The automated nature of a mailing house allows for a fast turnaround of direct mail.
    • Mailing houses can handle every aspect of the process, meaning you only have to deal with one supplier.
    • Mailing houses, including Asendia, have many years of experience in direct mail fulfilment, and as a result you can rely on them to produce high quality mailings that represent your organisation and brand in the best way possible. At Asendia we believe that the ‘finishing’ of a direct mailing - for example the folding of the mailing, embossing, binding, etc. - is just as important as the contents of the mailing.
    • Clearly defined service level agreements (SLAs) ensure that, should the mailing house fail to deliver on an expected service through no fault of your own, you have recourse to get money back.
    • These are just some of the benefits of utilising the services of a mailing house, but to find out more about what sets Asendia apart from the competition, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to request a quote or more information.